Dealing with Noise Nuisance in France

  1. Definition of Noise Nuisance
  2. Negotiation and Mediation
  3. Police Intervention
  4. Criminal Proceedings
  5. Civil Proceedings
  6. Commercial Noise

3. Police Intervention

If the problem persists, and it is a serious one, then the next stage is to try and arrange for either a gendarme/police officer to witness the noise, with a view to criminal proceedings being taken.

However, it is rarely easy to get the police to act, particularly if it is occurrig at night. Whether or not the gendarmes/police attend will also depend on the level of their other more urgent commitments.

In general, you are best advised to start off with an initial approach to the mairie and get their support in the matter, as they are then more likely to have greater influence in persuading the police to intervene.

Should you be successful in getting either the gendarmes to visit, it is very unlikely that any no noise measuring equipment will be used to establish whether there is a nuisance. The judgement they come to will, therefore, be entirely subjective!

If they consider a nuisance is being caused then they may decide to either give a gentle warning or write up a formal witness statement (procès-verbal) a copy of which is given to the perpetrator of the noise.

In the case of a police report, a further copy is sent to the Procureur de la République (public prosecutor) who will decide whether or not to bring a legal action.

More often than not, no action will be taken, in the hope that their attendance has been sufficiently persuasive.

It may well be that you will need to continue to ask the police to visit on further occasions if the problem persists.

You may similarly wish to write direct to the Procureur de la République with your complaint, together with any further supporting evidence including, in particular, any evidence you may have from the local huissier.

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