Rights of Way in France

  1. Easements & Servitudes
  2. Landlocked Property
  3. Right of Access for Property Maintenance
  4. Fishing Rights
  5. Shooting/Hunting Rights

4. Fishing Rights in France

Unless otherwise specified by agreement, no third party has the right to fish on a private stretch of water that runs through privately owned property.

However, where the river or stream is publicly owned then owners are required to permit fishing, to those with a fishing licence, and to leave a space of 3.5 metres wide along the river bank for right of passage and fishing stations. This space can be reduced to 1.5 metres by the local préfecture.

Needless to say, this is often a source of great conflict between fishing enthusiasts and property owners, with owners sometimes erecting barriers to prevent access. These conflicts often need to be resolved through a formal written agreement.

An owner is not obliged to grant right of access over their land to reach the river.

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