Guide to French Health System

13. Maternity Care in France

Standards of maternity care across the country are generally very high, and there is also good financial support available to new mothers.

A woman who becomes pregnant is obliged to inform their local CPAM at least four calendar months prior to her expected delivery date.

She is required to comply with a schedule of pre and post-natal medical examinations the full costs of which are met by the social security system.

There are a total of seven obligatory pre-natal examinations that must be undertaken at specific intervals, beginning with a first examination at the end of the third month of the pregnancy.

After the birth of the child there are then a further 20 obligatory examinations of the child which must be undertaken up to the age of six years old.

All costs associated with the birth of the child, including the costs of hospitalisation are met in full by the social security system.

That having been said, some specialists may impose excess charges above the official rates, which are not reimbursable by the social security, but this practice is not widespread. You need to ask.

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