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Property In France

Departmental House Prices in France 2017

There appears to have been some spectacular movements in house prices last year, according to the notaires, if the figures are to be believed.

Tuesday 08 May 2018

Fixtures Must be Sold with the Property

A seller cannot remove furniture fixed to the property that causes a deterioration in the property, a French court has ruled.

Tuesday 08 May 2018

Service Charges in Apartments in France 2017

What might an owner expect to pay by way of an annual service charge for an apartment in France?

Friday 06 April 2018

Snow Collapses Swimming Pool Enclosure

When a glazed swimming pool enclosure collapsed under the weight of snow the owners sought damages from the manufacturer.

Friday 06 April 2018

House Prices in the Pyrénées Orientales 2017

House prices in the Pyrénées Orientales rose by an average of 3.3% last year, the first time for several years prices have not been in retreat.

Friday 06 April 2018

Rent Levels in France 2017

According to a recent survey, rent levels in France averaged €12.70m2 last year, with smaller properties attracting the highest yields.

Friday 06 April 2018

French Property Market in 2017

The French estate agents report a record year in 2017 for the housing market, but it was one substantially underpinned by the main cities.

Thursday 08 February 2018

No Mains Drainage Contrary to Deeds

A couple purchased a property they later found was without mains drainage, contrary to the information contained in the deed of sale.

Thursday 08 February 2018

Property Prices Haute-Savoie

The mountains are omnipresent in Haute-Savoie, making it the premier skiing area in Europe, and one of the most popular areas in France for British holiday home buyers.

Tuesday 09 January 2018

Non-Resident Foreign Buyers 2006-16

Over the past 10 years one third of non-resident foreign French property buyers have been British, but they are now spending less.

Tuesday 09 January 2018

Frog Chorus a Neighbour Nuisance

A couple have been ordered to fill in their pond, after neighbours complained of nuisance caused by croaking frogs.

Tuesday 09 January 2018

House Prices in Herault

In the Mediterranean department of Herault, wherever you live, the mountains are close and the sea is not too far away.

Thursday 07 December 2017

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