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Education Grants in France 2016/17

Monday 05 September 2016

Details of the school and university grants in France for 2016/17 have recently been published by the French government.

School Grants

There are a range of grants available to assist with schooling related costs.

The main grant is the Allocation de Rentrée Scolaire (ARS).

The level of the ARS varies according to the age of the child, but for 2016/17 ranges between €363 for the youngest children and €396 for the eldest.

The grant is means tested, but the test of resources is a reasonably generous one.

If you have only one child then the maximum qualifying net income is €24,404, rising to €30,036 for two children and €35,668 for three children.

For the school year 2016/17 these income thresholds are based on your income for 2014, as stated on your tax return made in 2015. If there has been an exceptional worsening in your financial circumstances since 2014 then your income for 2015 can be used.

There are also a range of other grants and forms of assistance, notably bourses de collèges and bourses de lycée. The grants are cumulative, although less generous than the ARS.

The grants are available to any family legally resident in France who meets the eligibility criteria, irrespective of nationality.

To make application contact the Caisse Allocations Familiales.

You can read more about these grants and the application process in our free 'Guide to School Education in France', at the link below.

University Grants

The main student grant is called the bourse d'enseignement supérieur sur critères sociaux and is available on a means tested basis.

The amount per year ranges from around €1,000 to circa €5,500 (2016/17), depending on the test of parental resources and other related criteria.

As a broad rule of thumb, in order to be eligible in 2016/17 for the minimum level of means-tested support the parental income should not be greater than circa €33,000 pa (for income earned in 2014), but it also depends on other factors, notably the number of dependants in the household.

You can find more details of this grant and an application form at the main body responsible for student support called Centre National des Œuvres Universitaires et Sociales (CNOUS).

The grant is available to students who are ordinarily and legally resident in France.

There are also a range of loans, housing benefits as well as university sponsored support available. Perhaps the most important of these is the Prêt étudiant garanti par l'État provided through most of the high street banks in France.

See our 'Guide to University Education in France' on the link below, for more information.

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