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Newsletter Issue 92: 01/12/2010

Welcome to the latest issue of the French Property Newsletter.

President Sarkozy has announced he proposes to abolish the wealth tax.

Such a reform would have important implications for all taxpayers.

By cloaking the abolition of the tax in a wider reform of the taxation of wealth President Sarkozy is hoping to make it appear equitable and fiscally neutral.

We think he will have difficulty in making it stick, so we will be following events with interest over the coming months.

David Yeates

French Wealth Tax to be Abolished?

The present exemption of the principal residence from capital gains tax could well be a casualty in the planned abolition of wealth tax.

French Taxation 01/12/2010

Best Christmas Markets in France 2010

The ambiance of Christmas in France can probably be best experienced by a visit to a marché de noel.

French Life 01/12/2010

Paris Apartment Prices on Fire

The price of apartments in Paris is set to increase by an average of at least 15% this year, according to the French notaires.

French Property Market 01/12/2010

Divorce in France and Capital Gains Tax

Couples facing divorce also sometimes face the uncertainty of whether they will be liable for capital gains tax on the sale of the former marital home.

French Taxation 01/12/2010

Electricity in Your French Home

At last, a decent guide in English to the rules and techniques of electricity in your French home.

Building & Renovation 01/12/2010

Social Charges and Your Retirement Pension

Many of you still seem to be incorrectly paying social charges on your retirement pension.

French Taxation 01/12/2010

Tax Options for Landlords of Furnished Lettings

There are various tax options available to landlords of furnished lettings, says Virginie Deflassieux of PKF (Guernsey) Limited.

Business in France 01/12/2010

Parcel Delivery in France

Whether late delivery, lost parcel or damaged goods, what can you do if you have a parcel delivery problem in France?

French Life 01/12/2010

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