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Brexit Agreement on Citizens Rights

Concerns that after Brexit UK nationals in France may not have the right to relocate to another European country are misplaced.

French Life Friday 06 April 2018

Your French Income Tax Return 2018

French income tax returns need to be submitted next month, for 2017 income, with most households now required to make an on-line declaration.

French Taxation Friday 06 April 2018

The French Village at London Olympia May 2018

We shall be hosting our popular ‘French Village’ at A Place in the Sun Live international property exhibition, London Olympia, 11th-13th May.

Site News Friday 06 April 2018

Private Vendor Property Sales - April 2018

A selection of properties for sale throughout France currently being advertised by private vendors on our website.

Property Picks Friday 06 April 2018

Service Charges in Apartments in France 2017

What might an owner expect to pay by way of an annual service charge for an apartment in France?

Property in France Friday 06 April 2018

Uncertainty Over PUMA Health Charge

There continues to be uncertainty over the scope of the PUMA health insurance charge, notably in relation to early retirees and those with private ...

Health in France Friday 06 April 2018

Snow Collapses Swimming Pool Enclosure

When a glazed swimming pool enclosure collapsed under the weight of snow the owners sought damages from the manufacturer.

Property in France Friday 06 April 2018

The Cost of a French Marriage Contract

Many international couples enter into a French marriage contract for inheritance planning purposes, but some notaires appear to be charging unneces...

Money in France Friday 06 April 2018

House Prices in the Pyrénées Orientales 2017

House prices in the Pyrénées Orientales rose by an average of 3.3% last year, the first time for several years prices have not been i...

French Property Market Friday 06 April 2018

Sterling/Euro Exchange Rate Review March 2018

The pound to euro exchange rate began March at interbank levels of €1.12, but rose above €1.14, briefly reaching a two-month high at &eur...

Money in France Friday 06 April 2018

Rent Levels in France 2017

According to a recent survey, rent levels in France averaged €12.70m2 last year, with smaller properties attracting the highest yields.

French Property Market Friday 06 April 2018

French Village Seminar Programme London 2018

The seminar programme for the French Village, A Place in the Sun Live, London Olympia, May 2018.

Site News Friday 06 April 2018
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