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Vineyard Prices in France 2017

Buying a vineyard in France will cost you anything between €5,000 and €5 million a hectare.

French Property Market Thursday 06 September 2018

The Chateau and the Wind Farm

The visibility of a wind farm is not a sufficient reason to give opponents a right to challenge the planning consent, a French court has ruled.

Property in France Thursday 06 September 2018

Holiday Homes and the Taxe d'Habitation

Second homes in some areas of France are subject to a surcharge on their local rates.

French Taxation Tuesday 07 August 2018

Health Charge Under Legal Challenge

The legality of the PUMA annual health charge is to be tested in the French Constitutional Council.

Health in France Tuesday 07 August 2018

The French Village at Birmingham NEC 2018

We shall be hosting our popular ‘French Village’ at A Place in the Sun Live international property exhibition, Birmingham NEC, 21st to 23rd Sept.

Site News Tuesday 07 August 2018

Loss of View Amounts to Nuisance

A couple have been successful in their legal action against a neighbour, whose house extension substantially impaired their view of the Pyrenees.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 07 August 2018

Private Vendor Property Picks - August 2018

A selection of properties for sale throughout France currently being advertised by private vendors on our website.

Property Picks Tuesday 07 August 2018

Notaires and Translation Charges

Notaires are obliged to offer translation support if required, but there are few rules that govern their approach or charges.

Property in France Tuesday 07 August 2018

Telephone and Internet for Holiday Homes in France

What telephone and broadband options are available in France to second-home owners and those on a budget?

Money in France Tuesday 07 August 2018

Sterling/Euro Exchange Rate Review July 2018

The pound to euro exchange rate ranged between interbank levels of 1.11 and 1.13 last month, as markets digested economic data and prepared for hig...

Money in France Tuesday 07 August 2018

Farmland Prices in France 2010-17

A review of the movement of prices for agricultural land in France since 2010 shows only modest increases in most departments.

French Property Market Tuesday 07 August 2018

French Banks Cards - Debit or Credit?

Bank cards in France are now ‘débit’ or ‘crédit’, but the descriptions are imposters.

Money in France Tuesday 07 August 2018
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