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French Health Insurance Contribution for 2017

Many thousands of expatriates have incorrectly been sent a notice for the payment of the PUMA health contribution, when they are not liable to pay ...

Health in France Monday 27 November 2017

French House Prices Half-Year 2017

The latest departmental market analysis shows average prices outside of Paris ranging from €650m² in the Creuse to €3,900m² in the Alpe...

French Property Market Tuesday 07 November 2017

Properties in Dordogne For Sale - Nov 2017

A selection of properties in Dordogne for sale, currently being advertised on French-Property.com.

Property Picks Tuesday 07 November 2017

Business Start-Up Support in France

All new small business start-ups are to be granted some relief from social security contributions, a measure that already exists in a more restrict...

Business in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Removal Costs to France from the UK

Moving abroad comes with substantial costs on top of the purchase price of a new home, and for many the largest single item is the cost of removal ...

Money in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

House Prices in the Dordogne

A combination of relatively low house prices, striking beauty and tranquillity make the Dordogne a popular choice for prospective international pro...

French Property Market Tuesday 07 November 2017

Wealth Tax Reform in France

Wealth tax in France is going through some changes, writes Sandy Dalmas of French tax accountants Roche & Cie.

French Taxation Tuesday 07 November 2017

Small Business Rates in France

The rates payable by a small business in France have been increased this year in line with inflation, and in some cases there has also been a revis...

Business in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Getting a French Mortgage as a Senior

The mortgage market for 60+ seniors has rarely been a priority for French lenders, but that is slowly changing.

Money in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Sterling/Euro Exchange Rate Review October 2017

Although there were some sharp fluctuations in the pound/euro exchange rate in October, the currency pair finished the month at similar levels to w...

Money in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Animals in French Rental Properties

Can a landlord in France prevent a tenant from keeping animals?

Business in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Home Improvements to Your French Property

Improving your French property does not always increase its value, so choose what to do with care, says chartered surveyor, John Marshall.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 07 November 2017
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