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Tax Claims on 2016 Income

We have received a large number of mails over the past few weeks from those of you who state that you have been incorrectly taxed this year.

French Taxation Friday 08 September 2017

Where are the Sunniest Departments in France?

Meteo France have recently released figures showing the sunshine levels in each department of France last year, so who were the winners and losers?

Travel in France Friday 08 September 2017

Wine Festivals in France Autumn 2017

With the grape harvest now upon us in France we make a selection of some of the wine festivals taking place this autumn.

Travel in France Friday 08 September 2017

A French Will Must be in Own Handwriting

A will that is not made in the handwriting of the testator is null and void, a French court has ruled.

Money in France Friday 08 September 2017

Do You Need School Insurance in France?

Well, maybe you do and maybe you don't.

Money in France Friday 08 September 2017

French School Calendar 2017/18

'La rentrée scolaire' has started in France, and this year local councils have greater discretion on the organisation of the primary school ...

French Life Friday 08 September 2017

Wealth Tax Property Valuation Rejected

A couple who sought to reduce their French wealth tax bill by a low valuation of their home face an additional tax bill of €250K.

French Taxation Friday 08 September 2017

Rent Controls in France

Rent controls do exist on private lettings in France, but the scope and impact of these controls differs by geographic location.

Business in France Friday 08 September 2017

Sterling/Euro Exchange Rate Review August 2017

On a trade weighted basis, August saw the worst performance in the pound since October 2016, with the UK currency softening against the euro for it...

Money in France Friday 08 September 2017

Micro-Entrepreneur Turnover Thresholds Doubled

The turnover levels for microentrepreneurs are to be doubled, but the measure is unlikely to be of significant value.

Business in France Friday 08 September 2017

French Village Seminar Programme Birmingham 2017

The seminar programme for the French Village, A Place in the Sun Live, Birmingham NEC, Sept 2017.

Site News Friday 08 September 2017

Capital Gains Tax Rules on Former Residents

The French Constitutional Court is to consider if a rule relating to capital gains tax on non-residents is unconstitutional.

French Taxation Friday 08 September 2017
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