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Top Tourists Sites in France

The French government have recently published figures on the top 100+ tourist destinations in France.

Travel in France Thursday 06 June 2019

Road Accidents Fuel Speed Limit Debate

Road accidents in France have shot up this year, as the radar network is trashed by protesters, and debate rages about the future of the 80km/h sp...

Travel in France Tuesday 09 April 2019

Skiing Prices in French Ski Stations

A new study provides an insight into the comparative cost of skiing in around 50 ski stations in France.

Travel in France Thursday 07 February 2019

Public Holidays in France 2019

The 11 public holidays in France for 2019 to put in your diary, as well as school dates.

Travel in France Tuesday 08 January 2019

Guide to Driving in France

We are pleased to announce our new Guide to Driving in France.

Travel in France Monday 08 October 2018

Wine Festivals in France Autumn 2018

With the grape harvest now having started in France, here are a selection of some of the wine festivals taking place this autumn.

Travel in France Thursday 06 September 2018

New Speed Limit on French Roads

The new 80kph speed limit on French secondary roads looks more like a symbolic gesture than a decision based on proper evidence.

Travel in France Friday 06 July 2018

Summer Music Festivals in France 2018

Our choice of the best summer festivals throughout France in 2018 to suit all ages, tastes and budgets.

Travel in France Friday 06 July 2018

The Wines of Languedoc-Roussillon

The wines of Languedoc-Roussillon offer some of the best value wines in France today.

Travel in France Thursday 05 July 2018

Summer Ferries to France 2018

With the main holiday season around the corner, what are the cross-channel ferry options for travellers to France?

Travel in France Tuesday 08 May 2018

The Sunniest Departments in France 2017

Last year the Bouches-du-Rhône was toppled from its traditional place as the sunniest department in France, and a new region made a strong showing.

Travel in France Tuesday 08 May 2018

Speed Camera Blackspots in France

A recent report from the French Ministry of Transport highlights the growing success of the speed camera network.

Travel in France Wednesday 07 March 2018
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