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A Furnished Gîte or a Hotel?

The owner of a gîte in France has failed in their attempt to obtain improved tax advantages by offering a breakfast service to their guests.

Business in France Wednesday 07 March 2018

Micro-Entrepreneur Charges in 2018

The level of the fixed rate social security contribution payable by micro-entrepreneurs has been slightly reduced for this year.

Business in France Thursday 08 February 2018

Business in France as a 'Profession Libérale'

Many expats who start a business in France will find their activity falls into one of the profession libérale business categories.

Business in France Thursday 07 December 2017

Rent Controls in Paris Annulled by Court

A French court has annulled rent controls introduced in Paris in 2015, a month after a similar ruling concerning the city of Lille.

Business in France Thursday 07 December 2017

Business Start-Up Support in France

All new small business start-ups are to be granted some relief from social security contributions, a measure that already exists in a more restrict...

Business in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Small Business Rates in France

The rates payable by a small business in France have been increased this year in line with inflation, and in some cases there has also been a revis...

Business in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Animals in French Rental Properties

Can a landlord in France prevent a tenant from keeping animals?

Business in France Tuesday 07 November 2017

Pension Rights of Micro-Entrepreneurs 2017

Micro-entrepreneurs need to realise a minimum turnover each year to obtain entitlement to a French pension, and thresholds have been revised for 2017.

Business in France Friday 06 October 2017

Rent Controls in France

Rent controls do exist on private lettings in France, but the scope and impact of these controls differs by geographic location.

Business in France Friday 08 September 2017

Micro-Entrepreneur Turnover Thresholds Doubled

The turnover levels for microentrepreneurs are to be doubled, but the measure is unlikely to be of significant value.

Business in France Friday 08 September 2017

Networking for Business Start-Up

Take time to network in setting up your business in France, says Sally Stone of LBV Bons Voisins.

Business in France Tuesday 08 August 2017

Camping Market in France

Campsites in France increasingly resemble holiday villages, with chalet accommodation, a range of leisure facilities, shopping, restaurants and bars.

Business in France Tuesday 11 July 2017
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