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Building an Extension to French Property

Building an extension to your French property normally requires administrative consent, but the regulations that apply depend upon on the scale of ...

Building & Renovation Saturday 13 May 2017

Local Rates Exemption on Energy Conservation Works

An exemption from the tax fonciere is available for up to 5 years on completion of home energy conservation works.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 April 2017

Energy Conservation Companies 'Unscrupulous'

A survey by French consumer protection officials reveals that over half of the companies engaged in home energy conservation works mislead their cl...

Building & Renovation Friday 03 March 2017

Mysterious Demolition of Cap Ferret Villa

A villa in the fashionable Atlantic coastal village of Cap Ferret has been mysteriously demolished, apparently without the knowledge and consent of...

Building & Renovation Friday 06 January 2017

Taxation of a Planning Consent in France

Although no fee is payable on submission of a planning application, a tax is levied if planning permission is granted.

Building & Renovation Friday 06 January 2017

Right to Challenge Planning Consents

In recent years the right to challenge a planning consent in France has been substantially reduced by the need to demonstrate that a clear prejudic...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 October 2016

Is a Swimming Pool an Extension of a House?

Planning rules in France about the right of homeowners to build a swimming pool on their property are not infrequently unclear.

Building & Renovation Monday 05 September 2016

Insulation Requirements on Property Renovation

Substantial new roof and wall insulation requirements have been imposed on building renovation projects, although with a number of important deroga...

Building & Renovation Wednesday 03 August 2016

Emptying Your Septic Tank

What is the regulatory framework governing emptying and maintenance of your septic tank in France?

Building & Renovation Tuesday 05 July 2016

Swimming Pool Defects and Ten Year Guarantee

A French court has declared void a contract that sought to limit the 10-year defects liability of the builder in the construction of a swimming pool.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 03 May 2016

Residential Property and Farm Buildings

Whilst administrative controls exist on the proximity of farm livestock buildings to residential property, the buildings can be uncomfortably close.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 05 April 2016

Financial Assistance for Home Energy Conservation

There are changes this year to the system of tax credits and other forms of financial assistance for energy conservation works to the main home.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 05 April 2016
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