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French Building Estimates and Overcharging by Builders

A recent important legal decision in France gives some hope to homeowners who find themselves being overcharged by their builder.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 18 November 2008

New Planning Controls on Septic Tanks in France

You will soon need planning permission to install a septic tank in France, which will also need to comply with new building and performance standards.

Building & Renovation Wednesday 15 October 2008

French House-Building Contracts

A recent report draws attention to the need for vigilance when it comes to signing a French house-building contract.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 16 September 2008

Interest Free French Mortgages for Home Energy Conservation

Interest free mortgage loans of up to €30,000 are to be introduced for those who undertake energy conservation works in their home.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 16 September 2008

New Rules on Building in Risk Areas in France

With the increased risk of natural disasters, the French Government is toughening its stance on construction in risk areas, a change that also has ...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 15 July 2008

Electrics Survey Becomes Law for House Sales in France

The Government has published details of the new mandatory electrical survey for domestic property sales.

Building & Renovation Thursday 15 May 2008

Mayors Doubtful About Securing Septic Tank Compliance

The French Government has insisted on a programme of inspection and upgrading of all septic tank sewage systems, but local mayors have recently exp...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 18 March 2008

Attic Conversions and Your French Property

There have been recent changes to the French planning regulations on attic conversions, making many conversions exempt from the need make a plannin...

Building & Renovation Tuesday 04 December 2007

Financial Assistance for Property Renovation

We are pleased to announce the release today of our Guide to Financial Assistance for Property Renovation.

Building & Renovation Thursday 01 November 2007

French Planning Application Procedures Simplified

French planning application procedures have recently been simplified, although policy guidelines on granting planning consent remain intact.

Building & Renovation Tuesday 16 October 2007

Get Free Planning Advice for your House in France

Before you proceed to appoint an architect for your French building project, you might want to consider other free sources of planning and architec...

Building & Renovation Monday 01 October 2007

New Charges for Septic Tank Owners in France

Over 5 million households in France using a septic tank system for sewage treatment face increased regulation and charges.

Building & Renovation Monday 01 October 2007

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