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Changing Your French Income Tax Return

The date for submitting your French tax return this year may well have passed, but it is still not too late to change it.

French Taxation Friday 06 July 2018

Replacing the Taxe d'Habitation

The French government intends to abolish the taxe d’habitation, but just how such a profound change is to be funded remains unclear.

French Taxation Friday 06 July 2018

Tax Relief in France to Support Adult Dependants

If you need to provide financial support to a member of your family it may be tax deductible, irrespective of their place of residence.

French Taxation Friday 08 June 2018

Taxation of Income in France 2019

Delay in the introduction of PAYE in France means that most 2018 income will escape income tax and social charges in 2019.

French Taxation Tuesday 08 May 2018

Bonfire of French Taxes?

The French government have stated they intend to reduce the number of taxes, and not to introduce new taxes unless they attain a minimum yield in r...

French Taxation Tuesday 08 May 2018

French Income Tax Payable in 2018

How much French income tax might you expect to pay this year?

French Taxation Tuesday 08 May 2018

Your French Income Tax Return 2018

French income tax returns need to be submitted next month, for 2017 income, with most households now required to make an on-line declaration.

French Taxation Friday 06 April 2018

French Social Charges in 2018

Social charges have been increased this year, but they remain partially tax deductible and there are a number of exemptions.

French Taxation Wednesday 07 March 2018

Guide to French Wealth Tax

We have updated our guide to the wealth tax in France, to reflect the significant changes to the tax that now apply.

French Taxation Wednesday 07 March 2018

Taxation of Savings and Dividends in France

The French government have introduced a single rate ‘flat tax’ for savings interest, dividend income and capital gains on the sale of shares.

French Taxation Thursday 08 February 2018

French Income Tax Exemption Thresholds 2017

The maximum income thresholds that apply before you pay income tax in France in 2018 on 2017 income.

French Taxation Thursday 08 February 2018

Refuse Collection Charges in France

Do not expect door-to-door refuse collection in rural France, but you will still need to pay a refuse collection tax.

French Taxation Thursday 07 December 2017
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