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Tuesday 08 January 2019

What were the most popular articles we published in our monthly Newsletter in 2018?

There were over 4 million views of our news and information pages last year, but just in case you missed them, here are the top ten most popular news articles published in the year.

1. Departmental House Prices in France 2017

There appears to have been some spectacular movements in house prices last year, according to the notaires, if the figures are to be believed.

2. Dental Treatment Charges in France

The government have announced free dental care for all, but the reality is a little different.

3. Your French Income Tax Return 2018

French income tax returns need to be submitted next month, for 2017 income, with most households now required to make an on-line declaration.

4. PUMA Health Charge Exemption Doubled

The government have revealed details of the changes that are to be made to the PUMA state health insurance charge.

5. Taxation of Income in France 2019

Delay in the introduction of PAYE in France means that most 2018 income will escape income tax and social charges in 2019.

6. Reform of Social Charges

The government are proposing a major reform of social charges, affecting both residents and non-residents, but there is an element of smoke and mirrors about it all.

7. Taxation of Savings and Investment Income

The French government have introduced a single rate ‘flat tax’ for savings interest, dividend income and capital gains on the sale of shares.

8. France Visa Language Test Toughened

The French government have raised the minimum level of French language competence required for those seeking a permanent resident visa.

9. Car Registration Chaos

With major problems arising in the government on-line vehicle registration system owners are turning to private companies to register their car, but care is needed.

10. Guide to Micro-Entrepreneur Business

We have updated and substantially enlarged our guide to setting up and running a micro-entreprise business in France.

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