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Clamecy is a small French lovely town located in the Nievre department and in the Burgundy region, in the centre of France. With more than 4,800 inhabitants, called the Clamecycois, the town is crossed by the Yonne River. In a charming natural environment, surrounded by forests and hills, the medieval town also displays a large historical heritage.


Clamecy’s first traces date back to 634, and it was then called Clamiciacus. This former village was completely destroyed during the 100 years war in the 14th century. During the 16th century, the village began to prosper again thanks to the timber floating industry. This method started to be used during the 16th century, and during four centuries it was the whole Nievre department main economical activity. Timber rafting is a log transportation method in which logs are tied together into rafts and drifted or pulled across a water body or down a flatter river. It is arguably the second cheapest method of transportation of timber, next after log driving. Nowadays this method is not any longer used; however, the town’s economy still relies on the wood industry, especially with industrial products.

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Clamecy Immobilier and Property Market Trends

Since a property in France is sold €3,200 /sq m in 2009, in Clamecy, with more than €1,100 /sq m, we can say than prices are very affordable, not to say houses are rather cheap. This is understandable, as it is a small town, no more than 5,000 inhabitants, and as a result demand for houses is low, so are prices.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Clamecy

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Clamecy boasts a beautiful medieval quarter that is definitely worth seeing. It is up the hill and is mainly built in a Gothic style; moreover, it has been listed as ancient monument and protected since 1840. Strolling in the quarter you can admire the beautiful half-timbered houses and the impressive mansions in the narrow and sloping streets. Do not miss the Monnaie Street, where stone, timber and flowers make the best of the pedestrian cobblestone street.

  • Tourism – sights: Clamecy attracts visitors as much for its medieval quarter with beautiful monuments and unique architecture, as for its touristic marina. As far as architecture is concerned, do not miss the Saint Martin collegial, first built during the 13th century and renovated during the 16th century. The Bethléem church is also very interesting, as built in 1926 with reinforced concrete, it was actually the third reinforced concrete church built in France.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: Clamecy is a very peaceful town, which will charm you both with its old quarter and its walks along the river. It was also rewarded 3 flowers at the Flowered Towns and Villages contest. Hence there are plenty of parks and squares full of flowers in the town, where you can sit and talk to locals, or where you can walk or run.

  • Street markets: every Saturday do not miss the traditional, colourful and attractive smell street markets. You will find all agricultural produces made in the area, such as cheeses, meat, vegetables and fruits, and of course, plenty of local Bourguignon wines! It is also a good opportunity to meet with locals. Indeed, people go to the markets to do their shopping, but also, and above all, to be able to see all their neighbours and to have up-to-date gossips!

  • Wine and alcoholic drinks: the entire Burgundy is renowned for its unique wines. They are different in each area, according to the cépage used, to the soil, and to the winemaker savoir-faire. In Clamecy there is not a renowned AOC; however, you will find small producers making their own wines in a traditional way. Have a try and let you charmed by these local flavours.

Property Styles and Architecture in Clamecy

  • Half-timbered houses: in the old quarter you will find many of these houses. In Clamecy, they also have a corbel structure and are often 3 storey high. Hence, owing to the corbel structure, the first floor is larger than the ground floor, and the second floor is larger than the first floor. That gives a unique appearance to streets, and it also explains why streets during Middle Ages were so dark; as the higher floor was larger than the ground floor, it prevented sunlight from entering the street.

  • Farmhouses: outside the town you will find this kind of dwelling. They usually come with various outbuildings, such as stable, cowshed, and of course a chai (wine cellar). Often, inside the house there is the bread oven, as people used to bake their own bread and to be independent as far as food was concerned. Hence you will also have a garden and a piece of land. Some of the farmhouses have been beautifully renovated; however, you are likely to find some old ones which need renovation. It can be a good investment if you enjoy renovating houses, and all the more as you can then sell it twice as the price you bought it!

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