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Corbigny is a lovely village located in the Nievre department and in the Burgundy region. The village scarcely gathers 1,700 inhabitants, called the Corbigeois. It is located some 3 hours from Paris and 2 hours from Dijon.

The village used to be an important stop on the Saint Jacques de Compostelle walkway, as it is located only few steps after Vezelay, the departure point of the pilgrimage. As a result, the village displays few religious monuments, such as abbey and church. The village is also located at the entrance door of the Morvan natural regional park, which enable you to go hiking in this beautiful natural environment.

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Corbigny Immobilier and Property Market Trends

In France, in early 2009, houses are worth in average €3,200 /sq m. Which means, that in comparison, prices in Corbigny (around €1,000 /sq m) can said to be rather affordable, not to say quite cheap. As already mentioned, the area is very rural, and after a boom during the late 19th century, the village is now suffering a rural depopulation. If you are looking for a dynamic cosmopolitan town, you will prefer Dijon; however, if you are looking for a peaceful place in a beautiful natural environment, then you will fall in love with Corbigny.

Moreover, as prices are very low, buying a property can be a very good investment for a second home. However, it is also a good investment for a buy-to-let, and above all for a gîte. As already said, it is one of the first stops on the Saint Jacques de Compostelle walkway, and as a consequence it attracts many visitors, from early April to late September.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Corbigny

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: being an important stop on the Saint Jacques de Compostelle walkway, Corbigny’s main heritage is based on religious monuments. Especially do not miss to visit the 18th century Abbey, which also welcomes every summer a music festival, called the “Abbey musical parties”. The Saint-Seine church was rebuilt during the 16th century in a Gothic style, after buying destroyed couple of times.

  • Natural environment: Corbigny is one of the five towns located at the entrance door of the Morvan. It is a mountainous massif lying just to the west of the Côte d’Or department. Since 1970, the park lying at the heart of the massif was recognized as a regional natural park, which implies that the area is looked after and is under legal protection. Owing to its geographical location, the park receives a lot of rain, which makes the area very green, and full of rivers and lakes.

  • Castles: located only few hours from Paris and the Centre region, Corbigny also displays few castles and manors, which are worth visiting. They are not situated in the village itself, but in the area called the Pays corbigeois, which gathers Corbigny and some surrounding villages. Between others, do not miss the Chitry castle, located in Chitry-les-Mines, Château de la Chaise, situated in Pazy, the Lantilly castle, the Marcilly castle and the Villemolin castle.

Property Styles and Architecture in Corbigny

  • Farmhouses: outside the village centre, farmouses are mostly to be found. Either built during the 19th century or more recently, they are usually made of local materials, and have practical use. They also come with some outbuildings, such as cowshed, stable, wine cellar, etc. Many of them are in a pretty bad state and hence need renovation, as a result you will obtain them at a low price. However, you are also likely to find some renovated ones, and you will be amazed how a farmhouse can look gorgeous and can be comfortable. Of course the price will be much higher, but the property may also come with other features, such as a swimming pool, and a beautiful flower garden.

  • Detached houses: in the centre of village you will find mainly detached house. As it is a small town, houses are usually rather big, 2 storey high and may come with a small piece of garden and a private parking. They can either be old houses, and then they wuill mainly be half-timbered house, either be modern houses and come with all modern features. The main advantage is that they are close by all amenities, while they are very comfortable.

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