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Pouilly sur Loire, more often called simply Pouilly, is a French village located in the Nievre department and in the Burgundy region. With 1,800 inhabitants called the Pouillysois, the village is mostly renowned for its AOC vineyard, the Pouilly fumé.


First traces of the village date back to the 5th century, during the Gallo-Roman era. It was then called as “Pauliacum super fluvium ligerim" and was actually a vineyard. The vineyard was then managed by monks who kept on producing the wine. During the 10th century, at the heart of the feudal system, the vineyard was managed by the Lord of the area. One century later, too busy to bother with the vineyard, and as they need money to fund their crusades, the lords sold the vineyard to Benedictine monks. Pouilly wines fame started during the 12th century. It was appreciated by the French court and then was renowned in the entire country.

Nowadays Pouilly is still renowned mainly for its Fumé wine. It is moreover a really charming and peaceful village, located by the Loire River.

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Pouilly sur Loire Immobilier and Property Market Trends

House prices in France in 2009 are around €3,200 /sq m. In Pouilly, as prices scarcely reach €1,170 /sq m, we can say that the area is very affordable. This is not surprising as it is a rather small village (not even 2,000 inhabitants), and prices in the countryside are always lower than in town.

However, it might a good investment, as the location is ideal. It is only 2 hours from Paris, Dijon and Clermont-Ferrand, in a lovely Bourguignon countryside.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Pouilly sur Loire

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: even though Pouilly is a small town (or a big village) it boasts many historical vestiges from the Roman era to our days. From the first we can still use the Roman way, easily recognizable as it is cobblestone. It goes along the Loire River, and used to link Roanne to Orléans. From Middle Ages we can still see fortifications of the town, and also vestiges of the castle. Actually the latter was built during Carolingian era and was given to Benedictine monks during the 11th century. Some other interesting monuments include: the Saint Pierre church, the Lorette Chapel, the Loire bridge, and the Loges village.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: located along the Loire River, Pouilly has on offer some beautiful walks by the river. The town in itself is very quiet, and you will enjoy strolling in the centre of the town, looking at old monuments and talking to local population.

  • Location – transport links: as already mentioned, Pouilly is located at 2 hours from Paris, Dijon and Clermont-Ferrand. This closeness to Paris can explain why Pouilly wines were so well sold to French court. The town is also located in the middle of many vineyards, and is hence a paradise for wine lovers! From Pouilly you are only few kilometres away from Sancerre and Giennois vineyards, Charité-sur-Loire vineyard, amogst others.

  • Pouilly Fumé: smoked Pouilly, what a strange name for a wine. There are two different versions that can explain the origin of the name. The first would come from the cépage. Indeed it is produced with the Sauvignon blanc, and when it goes ripe grapes are covered by a grey bloom, color of smoke...The other explication finds its origin in the flavouring and bouquet, called in French the ‘fumet’, of the Pouilly wine, which is unique and recognizable between hundreds of wines! Owing to the chasselas cépage, wines are light and fruity, and easy to drink at any occasions.

Property Styles and Architecture in Pouilly sur Loire

  • Maisons vigneronnes: in this wine region the wine cellar is the most important room of the house. As a result, they used to start building the house with the cellar, and according to it they would then build the house over it. The Maison vigneronne is easily recognizable as there is a stair linking the main room to the wine cellar.

  • Farmhouses: most of them were built during the 19th century and they come with various outbuildings, such as stable, cowshed, etc. Inside the house you will also find a bread oven. Indeed, before farmers used to produce their own food in order to live in autarky. Hence you will still find all the features to produce everything you need. Not to mention that the farmhouse comes with a garden and a piece of land. Inside the house you will also find fireplaces in almost each room (kitchen, living room and dining room). The farmhouse is usually one storey high; however, it might also have a first floor, before used in order to stock crops.

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