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Bonifacio is a commune at the southern tip of the island of Corsica, in the Corse-du-Sud department of France. Its inhabitants are called Bonifaciens, feminine Bonifaciennes. The commune in this case is identical to the canton and is the largest commune of Corsica.


Bonifacio is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, separated from Sardinia by the Strait of Bonifacio. It is a city placed on the best and only major harbor of the southern coast and also is a commune covering a somewhat larger region including the offshore Isles Lavezzi, giving it the distinction of being the southernmost commune in Metropolitan France.

The commune is bordered on the northwest by the canton of Figari and has a short border on the northeast with the canton of Porto-Vecchio. The combined border runs approximately from the Golfe de Ventilegne on the west to the mouth of the Golfu di Sant'Amanza on the east.

The city of Bonifacio is split into two sections. The vieille ville (old town), and la Haute Ville (the Upper city), on the site of a citadel, is located on the promontory overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

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Bonifacio Immobilier & Property Market Trends

With Bonifacio being one of the southernmost cities in France, property prices are above the national average of €3,197/sq m., with €5,866/sq m. in June 2009. Indeed, prices can be compared to the very touristy regions of the Cote d’Azur, even though Bonifacio’s region has given priority to ecology and protecting the nature, by refusing a lot of hotels on the coast, therefore keeping the advantages of a preserved land, and reflecting it on the prices of houses and villas.

One of the main characteristics of that region is that it is very touristy (42,8% of tenants compared to 39,8% of national average) and properties are very sought after by French people in general (51,9% of holiday homes compared to 10,1% on a national scale), and on the same point it is possible to see the gap that exists between the 42,3% of principal residence of the sector of Bonifacio and the 83% of national average.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bonifacio

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Bonifacio is a commune full of history, where took place many historical events that marked the French and European History, as it can be seen with its citadel and fortifications built in the 9th century Now used as a museum, the citadel will be a perfect place to discover and learn about the History of this region.

  • Gourmet food: corsican food is something not to miss if you ever go in France. It has a lot of specialities that most French who live on the continent have never heard about. You will be able to find every typical speciality in Bonifacio, from the very unique Corsican goat’s cheese to coppa or figatellu and many others.

  • Tourism – Sights: south of Corsica generally speaking is renowned for its beautiful landscapes, and Bonifacio, with its village located right on a cliff offers a breathtaking sightseeing experience. Moreover, the commune has several luxury villas in its surroundings, proving how much of a relaxing and enjoyable experience it is to live here.

  • Climate and weather: thanks to its location, you can be sure to enjoy a nice warm mild weather in Bonifacio, with lots of sunshine in the summer, and sweet comfortable temperatures during the winter, allowing all kinds of outside animations thorough the year. Average sea temperatures range from about 20°C in June and October to 24°C in August thus allowing a wide range of nautical activities to be performed.

  • Mountains and/or sea: one of the biggest advantage of Bonifacio is clearly the choice that is offered to you to either go for a mountain day or a beach day. Indeed, while the surrounding beaches are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful in Europe, you can drive to the mountains and decide to spend the day here without any problem.

Property Styles and Architecture in Bonifacio

  • Apartments: they are a great deal for those who think about letting their property. Indeed, since Bonifacio and its surroundings is a very touristic region, there will be a lot of people interested in these offers.

  • Villas: that has to be the style of housing the most common in that part of Corisca. These villas are mordern, luxurous and are designed for those who want to enjoy their time here, with all kind of facilities such as swimming pools or jacuzzi as well as tennis courts.

  • Houses: they seem to be the perfect solution for those who seek a compromise between the two first propositions. Indeed, even with a limited budget, you can find some reasonably affordable houses, thus keeping your intimacy and privacy, and being able to integrate the community faster than in a villa.

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