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Corsica is a French island located in the Mediterranean Sea, not far From Italy, Sardinia, Cyprus and Sicily. This region of France is composed of two administrative departments: Haute Corse and Corse du Sud. It accounts for 281,000 inhabitants (2007), but many Corsican left the region and moved to other French cities such as Marseille. Many inhabitants in Corse are retired and tourism plays an important role (it represents 12% of the regional GDP). The island is nicknamed Ile de Beauté meaning Isle of Beauty. The main town of the region is Ajaccio, but Bastia is also an important economic centre, and the prefecture of Haute Corse.


In Corse, you feel in another world! Nothing to see with the French landscapes and way of life: the locals have their own identity of which they are proud of. Corsica is divided into two departments: Haute Corse boasts a gorgeous history and past, Corse du Sud offers great sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Corsica is a mountain in the sea.

The French island has been for a long time mistreated by History and underwent invasions and jealousy from other peoples. However, the population took its typical and strong identity from all these tragic periods. Corse is now more than a simply region of France. This is a heaven on earth: beaches are heavenly, nature is unspoilt and mountains are sheer.

The scrubland represents the deep Corsica where pigs, cows and wild boars are on the loose. You can see fountains at the edge of the road, a very typical lifestyle which is likely to seduce most of you. The region also has its own language, although everybody speaks French. About 70% of locals speak the Corsican, which is recognized as a regional language. Music is another aspect of the Corse traditions and culture, songs being almost always sang in their language.

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Corsica Immobilier & Property Market Trends

A property in France is sold €3,197 /sq m. Corse being a popular destination, property prices are obviously higher but not as high as some other French areas such as Saint-Tropez or Ile de Ré. Buying a house or an apartment in Corsica should cost you about €3,226 /sq m. Although the average of tenants on the island is the same than the national average, i.e. about 38%, some areas in Corse offer good rental opportunities. If you are looking for a buy-to-let, it should be fast profitable to you, on condition to choose the adequate dwellings in the right village or town.

Property prices in the Corse region in April 2009

Property types Price € /sq m Average price € Average size
Apartment 3,190 239,142 77 sq m
House 3,596 461,882 139 sq m
Duplex 2,997 368,667 120 sq m
Villa 4,160 656,936 158 sq m
Corse Total Average €3,518 /sq m

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Corsica

  • Gourmet food: Corsican gastronomy is absolutely delightful. The most renowned produce is the local charcuterie: prisuttu, salamu, coppa, lonzu, salsiccia and figatellu are just some examples. Game is also to be tasted: Corse is home to a huge number of pigeons, thrushes, wild boars and partridges. On the coast, enjoy the seafood and specialities. Cheese is obviously great, as well as citrus fruit, honey, wines and beers.

  • Environment: Corse is the most unspoilt region of France in terms of ecology. Nothing surprising: almost no industry is set up on the island which allowed it to keep preserved and uncontaminated waters. Corsica is almost the first region of France investing in the protection of the environment: wildlife is protected, dozens of natural sites are part of the French heritage, beaches are regularly cleaned and many people are concerned with enhancing the local heritage.

  • Climate and weather: people who like heat and Mediterranean climate will be pleased in Corse. From June to September, sunny days are on offer. Mountains offer more freshness however than the seaside. In winter, it is not rare seeing snow and low temperature. If you don’t like very high temperature, the best season for visiting the area is April, May, June, September and October.

  • Events: numerous festivals and celebrations are organized in Corse, especially in summer. They take place in the main towns of the island, but also in remote villages: Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi, Luri, Pigna, Lama… Some events are musical but others regard local produce such as wine and chestnut. Corsica boasting a rich history, the region also organizes even around the Napoleon theme.

  • Activities: the hot and turquoise sea of Corsica offer an amazing universe, where rocks are home to coloured and rich deep-sea life. Deep-sea diving is a great activity widely practised on the island: sea and wildlife lovers will be charmed by the scenery. Hiking is also much appreciated; people willing to discover the deep island will be seduced. However, you have to be careful when hiking due to the number of uneven paths. The natural park of Corsica is not to be missed: unspoilt nature and gorgeous wildlife are on offer.

Property Styles and Architecture in Corsica

  • Villas: they are luxury and modern properties which can be found in any touristy location. Villas are large houses coming with a land planted with trees, garage, terrace and swimming-pool. Walls are often painted in soft colours such as beige or yellow. Often quite expensive, they are dedicated to well-off people and offer quietness and closeness to the beach. Such property is ideal both if you are looking for a main home or a buy-to-let (good rental opportunities in touristy destinations).

  • Apartments: about half of the dwellings in Corsica are apartments. They are much sought-after and are a good kind of property for second homes and lets. Often modern, they are close to the seaside and all amenities like shops and buses. Some flats are even luxury and modern, so that you will feel in another world there! When part of a housing estate, apartments may come with a common swimming-pool and private parking.

  • Town houses: they are usually attached to other properties and built in the town centre. Town houses are less expensive than villas or detached houses, so if your budget is low, this may be a good option for you. Such property may have a terrace and garage. Some of them are renovated but other may however need some works for renovation.

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