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As its name suggests, Corse du Sud is part of the Corsica region of France. This administrative department shares the area with Haute Corse, north of the island. You can reach the department by air from almost all the main French and European cities. By boat, regular routes travel from France or Italy.


Corse du Sud is a wonderful area offering amazing natural landscapes, picturesque towns and villages, gorgeous mountainous sites and astonishing seaside resorts. Welcoming a huge number of tourists, you will quick be seduced by this typical part of France, renowned internationally for its sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs and invitation to farniente. A real heaven on earth!

The department has been for a long time invaded by covetous peoples who left after their stay both religious and linguistic vestiges. This is partially thanks to this external richness that the local identity was formed. Besides, Church and ancestral beliefs play an important role in the locals’ everyday life. Mysticism is also vivacious in Corse du Sud, as well as on the island as a whole.

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Corse du Sud Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Property in France cost about €3,197 /sq m in 2009. This average may of course vary depending on the areas: some touristy locations are in general more expensive since much more sought-after than remote villages and towns. Corse du Sud is part of the tourist destinations and prices are thus higher than in other French parts. A property in the department is sold about €3,226 /sq m, which is slightly above the national average.

The department accounts for over one quarter of secondary homes, against only 10% on average in France. This figure clearly shows that Corse du Sud is very sought-after amongst people, who want to have a pied-a-terre in a gorgeous French island.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Corse du Sud

  • Culture and historical heritage: Corse du Sud history is closely linked to the numerous invasions which lasted for centuries. So as to escape the danger coming from the sea, the local population left the coast and moved in the remote mountainous areas of Corse. The proud and unique identity of the locals comes from this constrained retreat. For all time, the department has inflamed the desire of the neighbouring countries: Italy, Spain, Greece amongst others.

  • Gourmet food: land produce of Corse du Sud are more and more appreciated amongst French people. Chestnut gave its name to an area of the department (Castagniccia) and is the base of many traditional specialities: flour, pulenda, pie, cake, soup and so on. Citrus fruit, kiwi, citron, olive and nougat are also delightful produce to be tasted. Not to forget the typical and famous charcuterie, honey, cheese and wine, which will seduce any palate! Corse du Sud boasts a so rich gastronomy that it would be difficult to quote all of them here, the best is obviously to go there and have a try! Just enjoy!

  • Tourism and sights: the department is an attractive place for buy-to-let investments as tourism is soaring in Corse du Sud! The gorgeous sceneries, amazing cliffs, beautiful mountains and turquoise sea attract numerous holidaymakers all year long, even if most of them visit the area in summer. Buying and renting a property in the department should be fast profitable to you. The department is also a perfect location for sunny retirements, farniente being a good option in Corse du Sud.

  • Events: on top of all great views, Corse du Sud invites its visitors and inhabitants to attend numerous festivals. Cultural and religious celebrations are organized in the department. This is a perfect way to meet the locals and discover the population kindness and identity. Music, fireworks, shows, concerts, and ball are on offer in the surroundings of the department. Many other activities can be practised in Corse du Sud, such as water sports, golfing, horse riding, kayaking, going-kart and bowling amongst others.

  • Game: in Corse du Sud, hunting is an ancestral tradition. There, wild boar is the king. Beats are organized as soon as hunting is it the open season. However, hunting is regulated, since some animals are protected. You can hunt wild boars, blackbirds and thrushes amongst others. Game, which is abound and diversified, is also used to cook some traditional dishes.

Local Property Market

  • Ajaccio property: a lovely town where tourism plays a major role, Ajaccio is definitely a perfect location either for a buy-to-let investment or for those who want to settle in a lively area of Corse. Gorgeous landscapes can be seen in the surroundings, you can’t help being seduced by all these gems and should quick fall in love with Ajaccio and Corsica.

  • Bonifacio property: the southernmost city of metropolitan France where you will be able to find any kind of accomodation you want, whether it is an appartment, a normal house or a luxury villa. Besides the wonderful beaches and breathtaking landscapes, you will find in Bonifacio a place that has been preserved from industrialization and where nature plays a major role in everyday life.

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Property Styles and Architecture in Corse du Sud

  • Villas: these properties are very luxury, modern and luminous. You can find them in all the sunny and touristy locations. Corse du Sud being very popular, it is thus easy to buy such a property. Of large size, they have a swimming pool, land planted with trees, numerous rooms and bedrooms, private parking, terrace… Villas are ideal for those who are looking for a second home or a main home. Some of them are built with local stones, which give them much charm. They also often offer a gorgeous view over the mountains, coasts…

  • Apartments: they are numerous in Corse du Sud and represent a good kind of property for those who are looking for a buy-to-let investment. Indeed, they are much sought-after by holidaymakers. Often well situated, they may also offer a great view over the seaside or mountains. They may come with a garage and terrace. Apartments are in general located in the town centre, making it easy to reach the shops and buses.

  • Houses: apart from villas and apartments, you can also find other type of houses, such as town houses or detached houses. Some of them are located in housing estates. They thus benefit from some facilities such as common parking and swimming pool. They should be cheaper than villas but offer less tranquility. However, they are ideal if you plan to invest in Corse du Sud but have a limited budget.

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