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Ajaccio is the prefecture of the Corse du Sud department, in the Corsica region of France. Located in the Mediterranean island, its population accounts for 63,723 inhabitants named the Ajacciens. The town is situated in the south part of the Corse region and is bordered with the Mediterranean Sea. Although it has a vast area (82.03 sq m), only a small part of the town is urbanized. Indeed, the east is much more populated whereas the rest of the area is composed of astonishing natural sites. A very typical French region, with a dialect regularly spoken by the locals, definitely worth visiting!


Ajaccio is a famous touristy destination amongst both French people and foreigners. It is attractive thanks to its voluptuous sandy beaches, amazing landscapes great weather and unspoilt coves. This is an idyll for either holidays or sunny retirements. Life is pleasant and the area is charming: a haven on earth, unforgettable time ensured.

Due to the population boom of the 60’s, about 85% of the dwellings were built during the same period. Thus, the town architecture is mainly made of huge buildings, especially around the areas of Jardins de l’Empereur, Les Cannes, Les Salines, Saint Jean and Pietralba. The contrast between the old town and the modern buildings gives the impression that Ajaccio was built on two different levels.

Along with Bastia, Ajaccio is a major economic centre of the Corse region. A vital resource for the town is obviously tourism: seaside tourism, cultural tourism and fishing are very attractive in this wonderful French island. One of the reasons which could explain such an interest amongst holidaymakers is probably the Mediterranean climate: summer is hot and dry, winter is mild and humid. Temperature is not very low in winter, which makes Ajaccio a pleasant town to live in all year long.

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Ajaccio Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Ajaccio being a dream location, property prices are quite high. A property in the town is sold €3,226 /sq m in 2009. This average is slightly above the French one: €3,197 /sq m. Although the real estate market in Ajaccio offers expensive properties, we should not forget that the environment is gorgeous and that numerous holidaymakers come there to spend few weeks. Thus, the compensation of an investment in this charming island should be fast profitable to any investor.

Almost half per cent of the inhabitants are tenants, which make Ajaccio a good location for buy-to-let investments. If you plan to buy a property in the town and let it, note that 4-room and 3-rooms dwellings are more sought-after than studio flats and 5-room properties.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Ajaccio

  • Gourmet food: Ajaccio will seduce any holidaymaker thanks to its gastronomy. Indeed, the town, but also the region as a whole, is renowned for producing delightful produce: charcuterie, desert, olive oil, honey, biscuits, cheese and so on are on offer in the area. Wine is also not to be forgotten: white, red, and Muscat are to be tasted. You should not be disappointed by the local food, on the contrary!

  • Traditions: Ajaccio is a town where traditions play a major role in the locals’ everyday life. Festivals, languages, songs, gastronomy, wines and music are typical and charming aspects of this town of Corse. Some of them are religious events, others are cultural festivals or celebrations, but all of them are to be attended.

  • Natural heritage: on the southern coast of Ajaccio, the route des Sanguinaires is surrounded with beautiful luxury properties, coves and beaches. At the end of this road, a must-see is the Sanguinaires’ archipelago and its lighthouse. Other gorgeous sceneries can be seen in the gulf, whose beaches are ideal for bathing and deep-sea diving.

  • History and monuments: the birthplace of Napoleon I of France, numerous edifices in Ajaccio are dedicated to the French emperor. Strolling in the town will let you discover all of them: Place Casone, national museum (its former residence), chapel (gravestones of its parents, brothers and sisters)… Many people come to visit the area for cultural purposes. Ajaccio is a touristy location offering good rental opportunities, due to the high number of tourists.

  • Location – transport links: transport in Ajaccio is quite atypical. Indeed, since located on an island, transport means are limited. However, you can reach the town by air (from Paris, Marseille, Nice and some European towns or cities) and by boat (from France or Italy). In the town centre, pubic transport will let you move easily. Driving your car is also another solution, but the traffic may be heavy in some areas, especially in summer. By train, you can move around the isle, from Ajaccio to Bastia in 3 ½ hrs on average.

Property Styles and Architecture in Ajaccio

  • Apartments: 89.4% of the dwellings in Ajaccio are apartments, which may be explained by the fact that the town is the prefecture of the Corse du Sud department and main town of the Corse region of France. Apartments are perfect for those who are looking for buy-to-let investments as they are very sough-after by holidaymakers. Apartments are generally modern, some of them being even luxury.

  • Houses: if you want to live in a house, you may have to buy a property in the surroundings. Some luxury houses are on offer and will let you benefit from the beaches, landscapes and so on. They look like villas, very modern and luminous properties. Some of them are composed of several apartments and may be used as holiday rentals while living next door.

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