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Bastia is the administrative centre of the Haute Corse, in the Corsica Island. The beauty island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, half way between France and Italy. With 43,577 inhabitants, called the Bastiais in French, and Bastiacci in Corsica, the town is the second largest of the island, after Ajaccio, the administrative centre of the region and of the Corse du Sud department.


Before it was colonised by Genovese, Bastia was only a fishing village called Cardo. As Cardo was facing the Mediterranean sea towards Italy and Greece, Genovese felt the need to build fortifications in order to protect their land and village, this is how Cardo became a bastiglia (meaning fortress), which became along the years Bastia. Nowadays, with the expansion of the town, Cardo has become a quarter of Bastia.

Even though Bastia is French since the 18th century, its identity and heritage remain strongly Corsican, which is to say, closer to the Italian culture than the French one. Its way of life, gastronomy, landscapes, language, etc., are deeply influenced by Mediterranean culture, to which it belongs after all.

Bastia has become the first Mediterranean harbour as far as the number of passengers is concerned. Thanks to its harbour, Bastia is also the main activity centre in the island. It gathers the main industries, as well as the Chamber of Trade and Industry. The town is the most attractive one, along with Ajaccio, and its population keeps on growing years after years.

In addition to its economic attractivity, Bastia is also a beautiful city between mountain and seafront. Indeed, the town is composed of two main part: the upper part, called Terra Nova (new land), as it was built by Genovese, in height in order to be protected and the lower part, terra Vecchia (old land) is composed by the harbour and is the heart of the beautiful old quarter.

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Bastia Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In France in 2009 a house is sold €3,200 /sq m. Given the fact that a property, mainly apartments, is sold €2,736 /sq m, we can say that Bastia is surprisingly affordable. It is all the more affordable if we compare it to the department average, which is around €3,000 /sq m, with some towns reaching even €4,000 /sq m. It is understandable though as Bastia is more an economic centre than a touristic place, even if it does attract many touristic visitors, but there is probably a will to keep prices fairly low in order to attract investors and economic activities.

As far as the rental market is concerned, there are great opportunities to drive in Bastia, especially, as already said, the town keeps on growing and attracting people.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Bastia

Bastia is a very rich and diversified town that boasts a historical heritage, as well as cultural or natural heritage.

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: during the 14th century Genovese arrived in Cardo and transformed the fishing harbour into a fortified city. Vestiges of the military architecture can be found through the town, such as former ramparts, the citadel, etc. The Cardo fishing village is also worth visiting for its tranquillity and its authenticity. Other interesting places include: the Saint Nicolas square, which is one of the largest square in France, the theatre, Courtyard, Governors palace, Romieu garden, etc. Of course, it is also very nice and pleasant to walk along the seafront, enjoying the sun and the scent of the sea.

  • Gourmet food: Bastia as the whole beauty island, has on offer many local produces which will make you melt. Traditional produces include olive oil, which stands out for its rich flavour and quality, cheeses (mainly ewe and goat), charcuterie, etc. The best way to taste all these delights is to go to the local, very Mediterranean market, which is held every Saturdays and Sundays. Moreover, it will enable you to meet with locals in a rather non touristic way, which is always better.

  • Climate and weather: if many French people or foreigners fancy visit or set up in Bastia, and in general in Corsica, it is probably for the beauty of the landscape, but also for the hot and (almost) always sunny weather. Of course it does rain in the island, otherwise landscapes will be only dry and dying vegetation, however there are around 340 days of sun per year.

  • Cosmopolitan life: Bastia is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the island, as 10% of its population is from overseas. Of course there are mainly Italians, coming from the other side of the sea, but also people from all over Europe, willing to trade with the Mediterranean market. It emphasizes all the more the Mediterranean atmosphere and the out going culture.

  • Location – transport links: as already mentioned, Bastia is the largest harbour in the Mediterranean Sea as far as the number of passengers is concerned. From Bastia in ferry you can indeed go to Marseille, Nice, Toulon in France, and to Livorno, Genoa and Civitavecchia in Italy. Moreover, the town is also well linked to the rest of the island, thanks to the RN 193 which crosses the island, and to the train network, mainly going to Ajaccio and Calvi. Bastia displays also an airport, the Bastia Poretta airport, which mainly flies to France ( Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Nice), and also to some European cities, such as Bruxelles, Genoa, etc.

Property Styles and Architecture in Bastia

  • Apartments: as 90% of dwellings are apartments in Bastia, you are bound to buy this kind of property. As Bastia is an economic centre, apartments are very practical and adapted to modern life. They usually come with a parking and a balcony if not a small garden.

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