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Segré is one of the three ‘subprefectures’ of the Maine-et-Loire department. Located in the Haut-Anjou (northern part of the department), this lovely town has a population of 7,155 inhabitants called the Segréens. Segré has a nice setting: it is listed as a ‘ville fleurie’(the French label for towns that have many gardens, flowers, etc.) and three rivers pass through it - the Oudon, Argos and Verzée.


Segré is full of charm and authenticity. The town was built around a schistose spur which dominated the confluency of the Oudon and Verzée rivers. The name of Segré comes from the Latin Secretum, meaning isolated, secret. The region around the town is called Segréen. It is characterised by a bocage landscape, e.g. a hedged farmland. The area is used for farming and cattle breeding.

Segré is an important mining town (iron and slate). The Segréen area is indeed an industrial region with many iron mines and slate quarries. Do not miss a stroll at the heart of the old town. The medieval quarter of the town is worth seeing, as well as the only remaining half-timbered house of the town (16th c.). You will enjoy this pleasant atmosphere that the locals help o provide: open spaces, beds of flowers, playgrounds for children, tracks along the rivers, etc. In the heights of Segré, the relics of a feudal butte testify of the rich past of the town. This place is undoubtedly the best one to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Segré.

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Segré Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The Maine-et-Loire department is an area full of character and history. It is a very sought-after area, as well as the whole Pays de la Loire region. Property prices in Maine-et-Loire are affordable with an average price of €2,145 /square metre for a property to buy against €3,197 /sq m for the national average.

Housing prices in Segré are also affordable. Houses prices have decreased since 2007. Indeed, buying a house used to cost about €1,960/sq.m. in August 2007, and it has dropped to €1,500/sq.m. in March 2009. In 2008, a 3-room house cost about €75,000 and a 6-room one €138,500. Almost 92% of the properties in Segré are main houses, but there is still a percentage of 6% of vacant properties. 52% of the population rent their properties. Thus a buy-to-let investment in the area may be worth it. Do not wait any longer to invest in the lovely town of Segré, you will not regret it!

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Segré

  • Surroundings: many places of interest can be found close to Segré. The ‘Blue Mine’ is worth visiting: after a spectacular descent of 130m in a funicular, a small mining train will bring you at the heart of a wonderful reconstitution. The Château de la Loire is a beautiful castle built during the 15th century which welcomed several times the royal family of England. The Haras Nationaux du Lion d'Angers (stud farm) and park of L’Isle-Briand are not to be missed for horse lovers as people can attend international equestrian competitions.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: nature lovers will be delighted by the nice town of Segré. The town offers many gardens, beds of flowers and parks where it is pleasant to take a rest. Many people are attracted by this town as it is a perfect place for relaxing moments.

  • Location - transport links: Segré has a strategic location. The town is indeed situated on different important axis: Nantes - Laval and Rennes - Angers. Living in Segré implies a quiet and peaceful life in a lovely town and the possibility to quickly reach cities such as Nantes, Rennes or Angers. Nantes and Angers airports are not so far away from Segré. Both of them aim at a european status and offer flights to the UK, Netherlands or Germany for instance.

  • Culture and historical heritage: Segré has been through a lot in its past history. It is indeed a very ancient town and nowadays it shows a lot. The town has been destructed several times in its history, like in 1191 with Richard Coeur de Lion, or later in 1490 and then in 1795. The small town has been reconstructed every time, and since then has turned into an industrial town, just to diversify its activity in the 20th century in order to survive.

Property Styles and Architecture in Segré

  • Town houses: often attached or semi-attached, these properties are great for families as they offer good dimensions and are located close to all amenities. Some of them are really authentic with wood beams in the ceiling. Town houses always have a convenient layout. They come with a garden and sometimes a garage.
  • Breton influences: given its proximity with Brittany, the Maine-et-Loire department has been influenced by this region. Therefore we can find typical Breton property styles such as Longères or Chaumières in the area close to Segré. Longère houses are laid out in a row and often one-storey properties. They have a rectangular shape and their back face the dominant wind direction. Chaumières are also made up of rooms in a row. They have a thatched roof and walls constructed with local materials (clay, stone, wood, etc.). Breton architecture styles are very sought-after by prospective buyers.

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