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Pons is a French town of the Charente Maritime department (Poitou Charentes region) built on a hill. It is 20km from Cognac, renowned for its brandy. The town is located in a marshy area formed by the Seugne River. Nature and calmness are the main features of Pons. This is a favourable place for fishers and hikers. As far as property is concerned, Pons is a rural area which is likely to attract the Brits thanks to its quietness and beautiful landscapes.


Pons’ dungeon is a beautiful monument to be discovered. It was destroyed in 1179 by Richard the Lionheart and rebuilt later. It has a rectangular shape and is about 30 metre tall. Saint Gilles chapel, another wonderful 12th century Roman monument, is located in the surroundings walls of the former feudal castle. On the other side, a walk in the public park is the occasion to see a typical French garden. Pons is a medieval town whose heritage is widespread throughout its back streets, archways, Saint Vivien church and turrets.

The main economic sector of the town and its surroundings is wine-growing. Located near the town of Cognac, it allows its visitors to savour Pineau des Charentes and the famous liqueur. But wine-growing is not the only economic richness of Pons, indeed, typical cookies called Calibri also come from the town. Thus, it has been nicknamed for a long time as ‘Pons, town of cookies’. Pons became a thriving location thanks to its industrial estates and small industrial estates.

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Pons Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, property price in Pons is about €1,600/square metre. The national average being €3,197/square metre, Pons is a quite cheap area where it may be profitable investing. In the town property market, you will find more large houses than small ones. Thus, you may find a 4-room house between €80,000 and €150,000 and a 5-room dwelling should cost from €150,000. This rural area is a pleasant location either to settle in or to spend holidays. A buy-to-let investment may also be considered as about 30% of Pons’ residents are tenants.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Pons

Pons is a lovely place either to settle in or to spend holidays. Located near the ocean, scenery is diversified and any one should be satisfied.

  • Tranquillity and scenery: as exposed previously, Pons is a rural area whose main features are quietness and beautiful scenery. There, you can admire the landscape either from your home if you are settled in the countryside or by having a walk along the Seugne River and marshes. Lifestyle is quite relaxed and vineyards are part of the local setting. Furthermore, if you are interested in touristy attraction, you can go to Cognac and visit the brandy museum or to the Atlantic coast and bath in the ocean. Pons is not far from two wonderful isles to be discovered: Ile de Ré and Ile d’Oléron.

  • Activities: Pons is situated close to the Atlantic ocean, which implies that any water sport may be practised. For example, water skiing, surfing and windsurfing are often appreciated by tourists. If you are a water sport lover and that you want to settle in the area, then these activities will become your everyday life! Pons is also a paradise for fishers as they can fish either in the river or in the ocean. Finally, hiking, biking and horse riding are the occasion to discover remote parts of the town and admire the landscape.

  • Wine and alcoholic drinks: as exposed previously, Pons houses a great number of vineyards. The local production is thus an important economic resource for the town employing many people. Wine lovers will be enchanted there and have also the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Pons is also situated near the town of Cognac, which produces the great brandy of the same name. A museum is dedicated to the liqueur production and may be visited.

Property Styles and Architecture in Pons

  • Charentaise houses: they are rectangular and symmetrical properties widespread all over the Poitou Charentes region. They have no more than two floors and are mainly constructed of wood and stones.

  • Detached houses: such properties are either located in the countryside or in the surroundings of a town. They may be quite luxury and can be expensive. However, other cheap houses are also in the market and finding a bargain in Pons is always possible. They often come with a piece of land and a garage. They may be one-storey houses or have more floors.

  • Town houses: one of the features of town houses is to be attached to other properties. Thus, they are often located in the town centre and close to all amenities. They may come with a garage, outbuildings and a garden. As far as property is concerned, these properties are in general cheap and you can easily find a bargain.

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