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The Vienne department is one of the four areas composing Poitou Charentes. The name of the department comes from the Vienne River which was crucial in the past for the development of the area.


Vienne benefits from an interesting location as it is not far fom the Atlantic but also close to the Cher and Allier departments which represent the centre of France. Poitiers is the main town of the French department, which accounts for 420,000 inhabitants.

In the Vienne department, the soil is made up of granite, limestone or chalk amongst others. Interestingly, this means that if property types are common, stones used to build them can vary. Poitiers, Montmorillon or L'Isle Jourdain (for more details see below).

Vienne is made up of rolling hills mainly and its climate, as that of all the region, is similar to the Aquitaine one – literally one of the best in France, with mild summers and winters - the proximity of the sea playing a major role (and helping local wines to grow).

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Vienne Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, property prices in France are on average €3,197 /square metre. In Vienne the average price for a property for sale is €2,012 /square metre. Property rentals cost about €10.88 /square metre /month. Prices for houses are as follows:

Bedrooms: 2 3 4 5 Average
Vienne 92,300 123,300 149,800 179,700 137,600

On average, an apartment in Vienne will cost about €1,610 /square metre. There is no big difference of price between a studio flat and bigger properties such as a 5-room apartment for instance, which costs €1,720 / square metre. Thus bargains can be driven.

Property can easily be rent in this department which has student towns but also draws quite a lot of visitors attracted by the assets of the area such as the Futuroscope entertainment park, the proximity of the sea and the easy access through Poitou Charentes airports.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Vienne

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: the department has lots on offer in terms as it account for 50 abbeys and churches (some still inhabited by monks), 30 castles and many other monuments. You cannot miss the Saint-Savin and Ligugé abbeys! Other major cultural attractions are the cité de l’écrit which is a museum dedicated to the written heritage of the area (there are 30 museums in the department).
  • Good food: Poitou Charentes is a region where people love rustic, hearty food. Street markets are a speciality. These markets take place in many towns of the department during the week or the week end. Little-known vineyards also dot the Viennois countryside.
  • Climate and weather: excellent weather in this department. Summers are quite mild and winters too. During summer, a quick journey to the Atlantic is ideal to breath some fresh air and taste the regional seafood.
  • People: Viennois people are generally renowned for being welcoming (more in the countryside than in big towns). Meeting the locals at street markets and associations is an easy way to get integrated. The warm welcome also means that you can avoid all the many Brits who settled in the French region.
  • Transport links: accessing a French department has rarely been easier. The Vienne benefits from an airport in Poitiers, with links to the UK. TGV high-speed trains stop in Poitiers and get to Paris in 2hrs. Motorways also get to Poitiers. Alternatively you can travel to Gironde by ferry and drive back to Vienne in 2hrs.

Local Property Market: 4 Popular Towns

  • Isle Jourdain property: at the very heart of the Montmorillonnais area, this village is gorgeous and very calm - a heaven for nature lovers in search for authentic lifestyle and rural idyll.
  • Loudun property: despite its 7,200 inhabitants, this culturally rich medieval town is quite discreet. This formerly walled town which boasts gorgeous vestiges, is located to the north of the department.
  • Montmorillon property: this town is a bookworm’s heaven. Indeed, it is nicknamed “city of literary heritage” with many culture and literature festivals taking place. Along with this, the charming architecture and the local food delights will convince any foreigner to stay longer.
  • Poitiers property: Poitiers is the administrative “capital” town of the Vienne. This student town with 91,000 inhabitants boast gorgeous views over the Clain and Boivre valleys. Its medieval town centre is charming, with lots of half-timbered and medieval property.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Vienne

  • Stone farmhouses: these houses are generally old farms which were converted. Their many outbuildings give them a great gite or guest house potential. Such properties in the Viennois countryside are actual bargains.
  • Longères: these lengthwise houses have generally one storey only. Their gently sloping roof is covered with tiles. They make ideal family properties esepcially during summer.
  • Charentaise houses: these properties are often confused with manors and maisons de maitre or bastides. They are massive, made of stone, have a symmetrical layout and are quite luminous. Their aspect is that of a prestigious property. They come with a piece of land and are ideal as holiay homes.
  • Front-gabled properties: these houses are very large stone properties which clearly had an agricultural function in the past. Their roof is immense and protects the house really well. Inside, stone and wood is used everywhere. Properties full of charm at bargain prices (please browse our property listings for examples).

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