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Deux Sèvres is a department of the Poitou Charentes region, in the western part of France. Covering the former province of Poitou, it was originally occupied by the Pictons, also called Pictaves. Poitou was linked to Aquitaine and thus given successively to the king of France and king of England. The province of Poitou originally encompassed the Vendée department which is nowadays part of the Pays de la Loire region.

Deux Sèvres has become an ever popular destination for French property buyers. Indeed, you cannot help being seduced by Deux Sèvres diverse cultural heritage, fantastic local cuisine and seafood and lovely rolling countryside!


The main characteristic of the Deux Sevres is the very mild climate of the area, similar to that of Aquitaine. Indeed, the Poitou Charentes region is the second sunniest region of France but property prices are still very affordable there, and people adopt a relaxed, simple way of life.

The transport links are very good, with five international airports being less than 2 hours from Deux Sevres by car. The TGV (high-speed train) stops in Niort, the main town of the department, and reaches Paris in 2 hours, to Bordeaux in 1h30 and to Toulouse in 4h30. Another asset of the department is the very good motorway links linking it to Bordeaux, Nantes and Tours in 1h30 and to Paris in 4hrs.

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Deux Sevres Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In Deux Sevres, the global trend until 2008 was slightly increasing prices but since then values have been decreasing rapidly and lost €100, to now be around €1,800 /square metre. The area is very popular amongst Brits for prices have remained reasonable despite the global growth for the last decade.

In the area around Niort, prices are generally lower, with prices about €1,700 /square metre, whilst prices for rental properties can be quite expensive when compared with the size of the town.

The smartest investments are made in the countryside around Saint-Maixent, Melle and Parthenay, areas which benefit from all the assets of the department such as the good transport links, along with a calm environment. Most bargains can be found in these areas. Bressuire, in the northern part of the department, has also plenty of bargains on offer but is less dynamic economically though. A little-known but charming place is also the village of Oiron - which boast a famous castle - located in the north of the department.

Buying to let in the Deux Sevres can be a good idea if you choose popular places such as Parthenay and the Marais Poitevin area, located to the west of Niort. The latter is a popular touristic area, which will allow you to find tenants easily, mainly during summer months.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Deux Sèvres

  • Historical heritage: the department has plenty of old churches to visit. The town of Parthenay is the best examples of the Deux-Sevres’ rich historical legacy, being a medieval town with many half-timbered properties.

  • Gourmet food: this area has lots of rustic local dishes which you will love, amongst which the famous Chabichou goat cheese, Tourteau Fromagé cake, Angelica Liqueur and the worldwide famous Echiré butter.

  • Tourism - sights: Deux Sevres is famous for the Marais Poitevin, a humid marsh located on the west of Niort. The goat farms are also a great attraction for families, as well as the Vallee des Singes, an entertainement park/zoo specialized in monkeys. Parthenay and Oiron are two great places to visit if you are fond of history and architecture.

  • Lifestyle: the department has a very relaxed lifestyle, deeply rooted in the French way of life. To get a taste of the local lifestyle, you can enjoy the ambience of the market during weekday mornings, or take part in the many cultural and musical festivals organized in the area.

  • Location – transport links: Deux Sevres has motorways linking it to Brittany, Bordeaux, Paris and Spain, as well as a high-speed train line linking it to Paris and Bordeaux/ Toulouse/ Spain. The department has no airport or harbour.

Local Property Market: 6 Popular Towns

  • Bressuire property: Bressuire accounts for 17,000 inhabitants. Several large industrial companies employ around 9,000 people in this area of Deux-Sevres. If you love the life in the countryside and the atmosphere of authentic French places, this is where you should settle.
  • Chef Boutonne property: Chef Boutonne has many cheap properties on offer. Traditions and the local identity are strong there. A calm, ideal place to run a gite or guest house business as the location is central in Poitou Charentes.
  • Melle property: Melle is a discreet town in the hinterland of the Deux Sevres. An ancient silver and lead mine, the town is now a gorgeous place with many monuments, where culture is an important part of daily life. It also offers great cheese and the area is very green. Nature lovers should choose Melle for this obviously, but also because of its good transport links and touristic potential.
  • Niort property: the town of Niort is the prefecture of the Deux Sevres department. It boasts a lovely dungeon as well as pedestrianized streets with lots of original shops. Its economy is much based on large insurance companies, banks and related services. One of the touristic assets of the town is the Marais Poitevin, a humid marsh located just 5 miles away, which is a great place to relax.
  • Parthenay property: Parthenay is a medieval town with a gorgeous town centre and narrow streets. Many half-timbered houses can be seen there, some of them being quite cheap. This is a calm and quiet town located at the very heart of the department.
  • Sauze Vaussais property: Sauze Vaussais is a rural, mainly agricultural town with a nice town centre. The entrance of the town is marked by an easily recognizable pigeonnier monument. Lots of bargain properties in this area.
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Property Styles and Architecture in Deux Sèvres

The architecture and property styles in Deux Sevres are composed of classic properties along with half-timbered houses, farmhouses or manor houses. Many small chateaux can be seen in the hinterland, as well as converted barns which can be ideal summer cottages or second homes. Local stones such as tuf are used, and red flat tiles are often used on the roofs.

  • Farmhouses: being an ancient (poor) agricultural area, Deux Sevres have plenty of stone farmhouses which were made very simply, with local materials, as a result these properties can be pretty cheap. These farmhouses generally have a courtyard and many outbuildings like barns, stables, cowshed, living proof of their agricultural usage in years gone by. These houses are often lengthwise properties, generally fitted with a cellar and wine warehouse. The roofs are gently sloping, with red tiled due to the coastal climate.
  • Half-timbered properties: they can be found in towns such as Parthenay and Niort. These houses were built in the pure half-timbering tradition, from a cob and stone mix. Some of these half timbered houses have a corbelling structure, giving more space to the upper floors’ rooms (is in this case a piece of wood jutting out of a wall to carry the superincumbent weight of the floor above). Generally, these houses date back to medieval times.
  • Manor houses: these properties generally are rectangular properties. These elegant, large properties come with a large garden and a range of outbuildings. A self-contained cottage is often attached to the house, as well as be old machines like a bread oven for example. The land is normally fenced.

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