Poitou Charentes Real Estate

Poitou Charentes is ideally situated between the beautiful Pays de la Loire, Aquitaine, Touraine and Limousin regions. Its location and climate are attractive, especially in Charente and Charente-Maritime. This area is particularly calm, with no town having more than 100,000 inhabitants according to the last census.

Outstanding nature and scenery combined with an historical past rich of exceptional cultural architectural interest, together with a multitude of celebrations and festivals, make it an exciting area to visit. These features make this region very attractive for potential real estate buyers. In recent years, the prices of real estate in France have been growing at a high rate, and so have the prices in the region of Poitou Charentes. This effect is also increased by the number of Britons settling, generally having a superior purchasing power (when it comes to houses) compared to that of the locals.

Indeed, boosted by the touristic attractions and the amazing scenery, real estate prices have been fast increasing in the last decade but are generally much lower than the French average. Prices in the region have increased over the last decade, creating a perfect reflection of how highly valued is this region amongst French and foreign buyers.

If intending to buy in this region, bear in mind that the real estate prices here are generally lower than in most other French regions, though the obvious beauty of the region and its high interest and location.

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