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Parthenay is a charming medieval town located in the Poitou Charentes region. The Deux Sevrienne town is located 30 minutes from Thouars, Niort and Bressuire. Other towns easily accessible in the area are Angers and Poitiers. Parthenay is considered as the “capital town” of the central part of Deux Sevres.


Vestiges and ruins of the glorious medieval past of Parthenay are still visible in the town such as ramparts, parts of the walls and the Saint-Jack gate. The town is a most renowned step for many pilgrims on the road to Santiago de Compostela – hence the eponymous gate. The walls and ramparts around Parthenay were built thanks to the financial help of the Kings of England.

Properties in the area are quite cheap as the assets of the town are little-known. Indeed, the town centre is full of medieval jewels less and less known as nowadays, the economic development of Parthenay originates more from the outskirts of the town. Indeed, many medieval houses or half-timbered properties are available, sometimes at bargain prices. Parthenay is the ideal town for lovers of architecture and typical French properties.

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Parthenay Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, property prices in Deux Sevres are about €1,800 /square metre. Parthenay is an area where you can find most bargains as a potential buyer, as property prices vary between €1,300 and €1,700 /square metre.

the town centre of Parthenay boasts a very specific style. This means that prices are higher than around the town itself. Typical prices for houses in Parthenay are: 2 bedroom €75,300, 3 bedrooms €94,000, 4 bedrooms €108,000, 5 bedrooms €138,000.

Old apartments are often available around €1,400 /square metre. The town has no real student community but the holiday rentals market offer great development opportunities when it comes to buy-to-let deals. Indeed, the presence of other medieval towns or castles around mean that many culture and history lovers choose this area to spend holidays. The gite potential of the area is huge.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Parthenay

  • Art and historical heritage: Parthenay and the area have lots on offer with many churches, castles and medieval vestiges. The town centre is also charming, especially the Vau Saint Jacques and Aguillon streets. In these streets, many – almost untouched - granite or half-timbered properties can be seen. Religious architecture is also stunning such as the Notre Dame, Saint-Jacques, Saint-Jean, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Croix and other churches and priories of the town. Communes nearby also present very nice churches and monuments.

  • Good food: the street market is a local institution in Parthenay. It takes places on Wednesdays during the morning – sometimes all day long and on Saturdays. Free visits are organised by a formal association. They make you discover the backstage of this event: the biggest cattle market of France. Local produce presented during the street market are the Parthenaise beef, tourteau fromagé cake, local apples, lamb and chicken, snails, honey, goat cheese and melon from the department as well as Broyé, Galets cakes and cookies. Regional seafood is also on the menu.

  • Tourism and sights: Parthenay is within a stone’s throw from the major touristy sites of Poitou Charentes: the Futuroscope entertainment park, the Marais Poitevin humid marshland and the fantastic Atlantic coast amongst others. The area also abounds with forests. The historically rich towns of Poitiers and Bressuire are also quite close which means that virtually any sort of excursions can be improvised.

  • Rental opportunities and ROI: Parthenay offers deals with quite high rates of return on investment. Many properties are quite cheap and could serve as ideal gites or guest houses. The area is full of cultural and historical treasures which are easily “sold” to foreigners. Half-timbered properties located in the town centre are the best deals that you may want to target as their value is high and stable.

  • Lifestyle: the community feeling is strong in Parthenay. Around 20 festivals are organised during to celebrate music or local traditions. Others are sporting events or gatherings of craftsmen exhibiting their know-how while most of them are in fact an excellent way to socialise, meet the locals and make friends around a glass of wine.

Property Styles and Architecture inParthenay

Parthenay and its area are home to many different house styles, from the longere to the Charenteaise houses, but farmhouses, medieval houses, shepherd houses and bastides can also be found. Eventually, some chateaux are available which are often pure gems.

  • Half-timbered properties: when looking for such a property in Parthenay you may want to focus on the town centre and especially the Saint Vau street. Half-timbered properties in Parthenay are splendid. The half-timbering is obtained by inserting bricks and cobwork between wood frames, giving a beige/light orange aspect to the walls. Their aspect is gorgeous and you will definitely be seduced by these typically medieval properties. In Parthenay, half-timbered properties often have many windows which means that they are more luminous than classic half timbered houses.
  • Logis: these properties were in the past the main building of a château, where the bedrooms and other living rooms were located. These very traditional properties are generally quite expensive and rare but are astoundingly beautiful. In Parthenay, given the number of ancient castles, you could find one below €200,000 and not have to renovate it. Obviously, walls are made of exposed stones and inside the house, wood was used a lot. They are ideal if you plan to run a guest house business and are perfect as family homes too.
  • Longères: these lengthwise properties are often ideally situated, with views over the renowned Thouet valley. Made of stone most often, they can be very modern inside and still have very moderate prices. Wood beams are exposed and roofs are gently sloping. They come with a courtyard in front of the house which is rare in France.

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