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L’Isle Jourdain is a small town of the Vienne (1,320 inhabitants) in Poitou Charentes, not to be confused with L’Isle Jourdain, located in the Gers / Gascony area of France.


The town has interesting prehistoric and roman vestiges as well as a chateau. The most famous building of the town being however its bridge over the river Vienne. L’Isle Jourdain is renowned as being one of the most beautiful towns in Vienne. Many activities are available nearby, most of them being linked to the natural environment around such as hiking, canoeing and cycling.

There is a car racetrack circuit nearby with events taking place all year long such as vintage car races, speed shows etc. This draws a considerable amount of visitores to the area which means, along with the gorgeous views from the town, that gite and guest house opportunities exist.

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L’Isle Jourdain Immobilier & Property Market Trends

The average property price in France in 2009 is €3,200 / square metre. Properties for sale in l’Isle Jourdain are surprisingly cheap, given the lovely setting of the town. Prices vary a lot in the town but are basically between €1,000 / sq m and €1,500 / square metre depending on the location. Indeed, property prices in the town centre can be high but many bargains can be driven, as you will see from our local property listing (please click above). Apartments are quite rare in the area.

In the Viennoise town, many properties to renovate are available. This is ideal, as the area hs a great rental potential and would be ideal for a second home or retirement-in-the-sun projects. Several price ranges can be noticed, properties above €200,000 being exceptional in this area.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in L’Isle Jourdain

  • Good food: Poitou Charentes’ food is a hearty, generous one. The area offers outstanding cheese, patés and butter, along with great seafood. The Poitou also offers wines, some of them being produced around l’Isle Jourdain. Other delights are available in the neighbouring towns such as meat and confections.

  • Tourism – sights: the town is lovely and offers great views from its bridge, converted into a hiking path. Many towns in the area also offer stunning architecture which culture and history lovers will definitely like discovering.

  • Activities: lots of activities related to nature are available such as hiking, cycling and water activities. Just one hour from there, the town of Poitiers is a very nice place to visit too. Food tasting is also a favourite sport of the locals.

  • Location – transport links: easy access from the UK with flights by Ryanair, Arlinair and other arlines. Regular lines to London, Birmingham and Dublin. High-speed trains to Paris and Eurostar available. Excellent motorway network and main road connected to l’Isle Jourdain.

  • Up and coming area: the area is little-known but has lots of potential. With a similar profile to Dordogne, cheap properties and a great setting around, gites and guest houses opportunities in the area should be a success.

Property Styles and Architecture in L’Isle Jourdain

  • Town houses: many properties of this kind can be found in our listings. In spite of the area’s assets, they can be very cheap and be ideal as a second home or to serve as a guest house. The most sought-after ones have a view over the town’s famous bridge.

  • Charentaise houses: these large stone properties resemble manors but are rare in the area. They come with a large garden and outbuildings. Bargains can be driven if you plan to renovate such a house.

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