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The town of Loudun, in the Poitou Charentes, accounts for 7,300 inhabitants. It is honeycombed with architectural gems that you can discover through its narrow streets. The town still shows signs of its glorious past thanks to ramparts and the ruins of an ancient castle. Loudun’s medieval gardens are also delightful.

At the crossroads of Anjou, Touraine and Poitou, Loudun is ideally located and offers all amenities. Thouars and the lovely Chinon are 30min away while Bressuire, Tours and Poitiers are a mere 1h away.

Amongst other jewels, Loudun offers pleasant paths to hike or stroll in the forest. There you may spot – amongst others – foxes, martens, badgers, wild boars and several sorts of deers. Ideal for nature lovers. The town itself has stunning assets such as the square tower and Sainte-Croix collegiate church, breathtaking vestiges of the French commune’s past. Around Loudun there also are many towns with castles and abbeys, a wonder for those of you who are fond of culture.

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Loudun Immobilier & Property Market Trends

In 2009, the average property price in France is €3,200 / square metre. In the Loudunais area, a 2-bedroom house costs about €80,000 while a 3-bedroom house costs €102,000. 5-bedroom properties cost €159,700.

Figures tend to show that the average price of property in Loudun is about €119,300, which represents around €1,440 / square metre. The average price of property in the department is €1,800.

Property in Loudun is thus still moderately priced, however some rare or exceptional properties are sold at skyrocketing prices for the area (€2,200 / m2 most often). Apartment prices in Loudun are between €1,200 and €1,400 / square metre.

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4 Reasons to Buy a Property in Loudun

As many towns of Poitou Charentes, Loudun is a discreet place but has many subtle pleasures to offer, along with more obvious assets.

  • Culture, art and historical heritage: Loudun itself, and the area around, have a number of castles, abbeys and monuments. Let’s recall that we are only a few miles from the Touraine area with its outstanding castles, and that the Poitou has had kings for centuries. Ideal for history and culture lovers. This formerly walled town still presents impressive vestiges of its past such as the Martray gate and Nerra Promenade. Along with this, the many gardens and parks of the town are often refined.
  • Tranquillity and scenery: Loudun is a plce whee relaxing is easy, almost natural. The gently rolling countryside around, the forest nearby and narrow streets of the town evoke the more renowned Gers and Tuscany. Nature lovers will be charmed by the area’s actual authenticity.
  • Transport links: the area is accessed swiftly though Poitiers, La Rochelle and Tours airports, with budget airlines operating. By train you will get to Poitiers or Tours in 2hrs from Paris – Eurostar also available. Eventually, motorways link Calais and Dunkirk to Poitiers. Excellent for second homes or buy-to-let opportunities.
  • Traditional life: traditional life in Loudun includes going to the excellent weekly street market. Local producers offer the best produce available along with Poitou Charentes food and wine specialities. This, along with the style of the town, explains partially why tourists love the area and can boost a future tourism-related business.

Property Styles and Architecture in Loudun

Being at the crossroads of two French regions means that Loudun undergoes several architectural influences. The Richelais area to the North, part of the Indre et Loire department, which is of Angevine influence most often. This means that many longeres with no closed courtyards can be seen, that tuf is used on walls and slates on the roofs. Loudun’s architecture styles are influenced also from the south by Poitevin styles such as square shapes, the use of limestone for walls and tiles on roofs, all this generally creating a strong visual harmony.

  • Longeres: these lengthwise properties often offer accommodation on the ground floor, contrary to the farmhouses described below. They are simple properties without a courtyard in front of the house. Stone is exposed on the front walls which are often decorated with tuf, a delight for the eyes. Unfortunately, the locals often confuse longeres and farmhouses which do not have the same architectural roots. The distinctive elements of a longere are generally its 3 or 4 doors on the front (one per room initially), whereas farmhouses generally have a large gate instead – often being the gate of a cellar – and fewer doors.
  • Poitou stone farmhouses: these farmhouses are “living” proof of the agricultural past of Poitou Charentes. Stone and wood are used wonderfully most often, with luminous rooms and lots of character. In and around Loudun, farmhouses are generally massive and come with the classic outbuildings formerly used for farming or storage activities. Some of them even have a lake and would be ideal as a gite.

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