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Apt is located in the Vaucluse department, in the region of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur. It is one of the two sub prefectures. The locals of this town (11,229 in 2006) are called Aptésiens or Aptois. The town was built in a valley, between the Massif of Luberon and the Vaucluse Mountain Range. The Calavon River flows through Apt, as well as the Dôa, Riaille, Marguerite and Rimayon Rivers.


Apt is famous in Provence for its delicious candied fruits and beautiful faience. Producing faience is a long tradition in this town. Thanks to a clay of quality and ochre soil, local craftsmen can make wonderful pieces of earthenware. The area around the town is full of orchards: cherry trees, olive trees, etc.

Apt forms with nine other towns and villages a communauté de communes (urban area) that represents today 20,170 inhabitants. The Pays d’Apt (‘Apt’s Country’) is very active in the area. Situated in the Luberon Regional Natural Park - an exceptional territory full of perched villages and outstanding landscapes - Apt and its surroundings have always attracted many artists. The region has natural rich and diversified environments and many sites and monuments that are worth visiting (fortifications, castles, churches, etc.).

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Apt Immobilier & Property Market Trends

As regards property prices, the Vaucluse department is still affordable, even if it does not belong to the cheapest areas of France in terms of real estate. The average price for an apartment to buy is of €1,293 /square metre, which is pretty cheap. As for new apartments, prices are however much higher with an average price of €2,980/sq m for Apt’s surroundings. If you plan to invest in a house there, prices vary a lot depending on the location and the size of the property: a 3-room house cost in December 2008 €208,000 on average, whereas a 6-room one cost €390,100.

Out of the 5,805 houses of Apt, almost 83% are main houses. The proportion of vacant properties is pretty important: 11.3%. There are still bargains to be driven. Why not be the lucky one who will buy a huge property in a wonderful setting?

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Apt

From colourful Provencal markets to prestigious festivals and concerts, passing through wonderful landscapes, the south of France has many things on offer. Apt is a great town to visit. You will appreciate its gastronomy, cultural life and museums. Why not invest there and settle in Provence to enjoy the French lifestyle?

  • Cultural life: Apt has many different events on offer that contribute to create a lively atmosphere. Amidst others: the Jazz Festival held in summer, the ‘music and humour festival’ called Les Tréteaux de Nuit (July), numerous exhibitions of contemporary art, a fun fair with plenty of amusement rides, a cinema festival, etc.

  • Gastronomy: candied fruits are the speciality of the town. The production of this food appeared in the Provence region during the Middle Ages. During the 14th century, Apt’s craftsmen suplied the Papal court of Avignon. From a small craft industry, candied fruits then became so famous that many factories had to open in order to be able to meet the demand. All kind of fruits are concerned: apricots, pears, figs, plums, melons, mandarins, oranges, etc. Prestigious wines who received the AOC quality label such as the Ventoux and Côtes du Luberon wines are perfect to accompany a good dish.

  • Museums: Apt is home to several interesting museums that are not to be missed if you want to discover the town. The Museum of History and Archeology displays the history of Apt and the ‘Country of Apt’ from its creation to these days. This museum was built on the vestiges of a Gallo-Roman theatre and includes Gallo-Roman room as well as a room with faiences (amongst others of course). The ‘Museum of Industrial Adventure’ (Musée de l’Aventure Industrielle) recounts the economical history of the Country of Apt. The ‘House of the Park of Luberon’ and its Museum of Paleontology is also worth visiting.

  • Outdoor activities: as regards outdoor activities, the choice is wide in Apt. Many hiking trails (marked or guided) can be found, but it is also possible to discover the area by foot, on horseback, bicycle, etc. Sport lovers can also practise golf, go fishing, hunting or climbing on the numerous climbing sites of the area (Rocher des Abeilles, Bosque or Pont Saint-Julien for instance).

  • Architectural heritage: during the 14th century, fortifications were put around Apt. At that time, the town was protected by 27 towers and has six gateways. The Porte de Saignon and Tour de l'Hôpital are the two only remaining relics from this period. The walls of the round tower called ‘the tower of the Hospital’ have a width of 2m.

Property Styles and Architecture in Apt

  • Villas: the region has an abundance of Provencal houses full of character. With walls being painted in ochre colours and tiled almost flat roofs, these properties are great for large families who want to enjoy holidays in the area. Villas often come with a large piece of land and a swimming-pool. The numerous Provencal houses of Apt have a huge view over Luberon on offer.

  • Maisons de Maitre: these properties have a rectangular shape and very large dimensions. As Provencal houses, their roof is tiled and almost flat. Also called bastides, they are usually constructed of stone or may have their walls covered with stucco or whitewashed. Maisons de Maitre are always detached houses located on a huge piece of land.

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