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Cavaillon is a town of 26,000 inhabitants, part of the Vaucluse department in the charming region of Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur. Located in the Durance valley, Cavaillon stands at the foot of the Saint-Jacques hill which dominates the surrounding plain and faces the Luberon Massif to the east and the Alpilles mountains to the south east. Part of the regional park of Luberon, the town is perfectly situated at the heart of an amazing nature and is above all known for its melon.


Close to the most beautiful sites of Provence such as Avignon (only 24km), the famous Mont-Ventoux or the Dentelles de Montmirail, Cavaillon is a town which perfectly mixes nature, heritage but also gastronomy and traditions. Thanks to its proximity with beautiful sites of nature, it is easy to enjoy a walk in the scented garrigue of the Saint-Jacques hill. The pedestrian streets of the town and its numerous tree-shaded tables outside the cafes are other ways to have a rest.It is a pleasant town where you can taste the real Provencal life!

Beside the abundant agriculture of fruits (melon, apple, pear, cherry, etc…), tourism also has an important role in the local economy. Many tourists come in the area as the Luberon is highly popular. It attracts people who want to spend “green holidays” as the region offers various landscapes and an amazing nature. Several picturesque and lovely villages can also be found on hills and cliffs. They offer a rich cultural and historical heritage, but also present interesting festivals across the year. Thus, Cavaillon appears to be a lovely place to stay thanks to its numerous guesthouses and hotels. Recently, a long cycle track from about 100km links Cavaillon to Forcalquier.

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Cavaillon Immobilier & Property Market Trends

Cavaillon lies in the expensive region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. However, Vaucluse is one of the cheapest departements of the region, due to the fact that it does not stand at the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, €2,200 /sq m was the price at the beginning of 2009 to buy a property in Cavaillon area, while it was almost the double in some other zones of PACA. The range of prices to buy a house in Cavaillon was between €155,000 and €228,000. Even with the popularity of the region, buying a property in the Vaucluse departement can remain affordable, in comparison to the national average in France which is about €3,197 /sq m.

In Cavaillon, only 1.6% of the whole properties are second homes and 7% of them are vacant. The proportion of houses and apartments are well balanced, as 52% of the properties are houses.

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3 Reasons to Buy a Property in Cavaillon

When the French hear the name “Cavaillon”, they immediately think about the famous melons of Cavaillon, which can be found everywhere in France. Thus, Cavaillon directly evokes the sun, the good fruits and the Provence. However, many other assets remain unknown for them, and the best way to discover them is to go there and to be enchanted by them.

  • Historical heritage: Cavaillon is rich in terms of heritage from the Roman era or the popes period. Today, archaeological vestiges can be seen, such as ancient Roman thermae whose intersection arcs dating of the 1st century AD can be admired. Then, the ancient cathedral Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Veran of the 11th century is remarkable, but so is the case for the other numerous chapels of Cavaillon or the synagogue.

  • Views: the town benefits from an incredible view. The Saint-Jacques hill offers a wonderful view overlooking the whole town. From its peak, the view goes until the hills of Vaucluse, the Luberon Massif, the Alpilles chain and the valley of the Durance. Not to forget, it offers a view over the famous Mont Ventoux and the wonderful Dentelles de Montmirail.

  • Market: Cavaillon accounts for one of the few MINs (market of national interest) of France. At the beginning of the 60s, a big structure to welcome the market was established. Now, the street market is a place where producers and wholesalers of farm produce can meet to conclude their transactions. Today, the market of Cavaillon has become one of the main poles of Europe for the trade of fruits and vegetables. Of course, more normal markets are held in Cavaillon. For instance, local produce can be bought every Monday.

Property Styles and Architecture in Cavaillon

Different architecture styles are mixed in Cavaillon. The properties vary according to the use it is made of them, but all of them generally have a Provencal style.

  • Stone farmhouses: many farmhouses can be found in the area of Cavaillon. Often with visible stone facades or with rendering, they usually have tiled roof and blue wooden shutters, typical of the region. They can comprise different buildings which communicate without forming an alignment. The doors are more or less large but there are only a few windows. These kind of properties sometimes have wooden canopy to protect the entrances from the sun.

  • Villas: some lovely villas punctuate the town of Cavaillon. They can be single-storey houses or either comprise two storeys, but they usually have a rendering facade, painted in a pink-orange colour. This, mixed with the tiled roof and the wooden shutters, is typical of the region.

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