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Carpentras is a nice Provencal town of the Vaucluse department. Located at the heart of the fertile plains of the Comtat Venaissin (central part of the department), of which it is the capital, this town is quiet and lovely. Carpentras lies in a plain, between the Durance and Rhône Rivers. It is also surrounded with mountains with the Monts de Vaucluse and the Mont Ventoux at both side of the area (east and west). The town accounts for 27,451 inhabitants called the Carpentrassiens.


Carpentras and the Comtat Venaissin have been classified as ‘towns and countries of Art and History’. This official French label is given to the towns or areas where the natural, historical and architectural heritages are promoted.

Like in all the towns of the Vaucluse department, Carpentras is home to quality soils that allow fruits (cherry, grapes, melon, apricot, peach, etc.) and vegetables to grow well. The wines of Côtes du Ventoux, which received the AOC quality label, are part of the local gastronomy. But Carpentras’ specialities are above all Berlingot (triangular boiled sweets) and strawberries. All these produce fill the regional markets with gorgeous fragrance and colours.

Carpentras is an ideal place to stay to explore the region, which has inspired great artists (poets, painters, writers, etc.) and botanists due to its beautiful and natural setting.

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Carpentras Immobilier & Property Market Trends

With an average price of €1,959 /square metre for a property to buy there, Carpentras has affordable house prices on offer (the national average being of €3,197 /sq m). Concerning rentals, prices are also pretty cheap if we compare them to the national average, which is of €12.22 /sq m /month, as the average price in Carpentras is of €9.46 /sq m /month. Prices for a house to buy were very high in 2007-2008 but have been decreasing since then. It cost €2,870 /sq m in November 2007 and €2,510 in February 2009. As regards apartments, the average price was of €1,920 /sq m in April 2009. It had fallen due to the financial crisis and was of €1,840/sq m by November 2008, but it increased again in the first months of 2009.

87% of properties in the town are main homes. Vacant properties represent 10.4% of all the houses that are on offer in Carpentras. The major part of properties are several rooms houses, studio flats representing only 5% of them.

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5 Reasons to Buy a Property in Carpentras

Carpentras has a perfect location. It is an ideal place to stay as located close to major roads. Holidaymakers are seduced by the quality of life there, as well as by the ancestral traditions, preserved nature, rich historical and architectural past of the town.

  • Fairs and street markets: Carpentras has been a town of commerce since the Antiquity with the Greeks coming to its market for honey, wheat and sheep. The town has kept its tradition and now holds plenty of markets. Carpentras’ colourful weekly market is considered as one of the most beautiful of the area and attracts many people from all over the region. Other kind of markets and fairs also take place in the town: a flea market, wood market, black truffles market, etc.

  • Thriving economy: the town is very active economically speaking. An important business park lies in the south of Carpentras. ‘Carpensud’ Business Park represents more than 150 companies, which employ about 1,700 people on a site of 133 hectares. The town even has a building linked to the Chamber of Commerce of Vaucluse.

  • Architecture heritage: Carpentras houses a varied architectural heritage which is waiting to be discovered. Strolling in its streets will allow you to discover the wealth of its history. The cathédrale St Siffrein is a wonderful Roman cathedral which was built during the 15th and 16th centuries. It took 150 years to seven different architects to build it! The Porte d'Orange (the only one of the 4 fortified gates remaining from the Middle Ages), ruins of the old fortress, Episcopal palace (courthouse), synagogue, the Hôtel Dieu (hospital) and its outstanding 18th century pharmacy are other noteworthy buildings.

  • Nature: Carpentras and its surroundings boast varied and wonderful landscapes. The famous mountain range Mont Ventoux is visible from almost everywhere in Comtat Venaissin. It is an essential part of the setting. Plenty of French and foreigners come every year to see and - for the most courageous - climb this mountain by foot or bike. Beyond this mountain, we can find the limestone hills of the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Nesque River canyons and the Sault plateau. All these natural areas are a real pleasure for those looking for quietness and peaceful holidays.

  • Culture: Carpentras is home to great museums. The musée Comtadin has collections of the ethnology of the surroundings. The Musée Sobirats houses artistic handicraft. The musée Duplessis possesses mainly works of art created by local painters (Duplessis, Lebrun, etc.). The Musée Lapidaire has objects from the Iron Age to the early Middle Ages and a collection of Natural History.

Property Styles and Architecture in Carpentras

Property styles can vary in Carpentras. It is possible to find town houses, apartments or villas. Whatever the architecture of the properties, the Provencal style is most of the time present on the fronts of the houses with ochre-washed walls…

  • Stone houses: Carpentras is home to stunning stone houses that are full of character. These properties were built during the 19th and 20th centuries. They have large dimensions and come with a great piece of land. Most of them give the impression from outside to be old and authentic but the inside can be very modern. Given the setting, these stone houses offer breathtaking views over the Mont Ventoux.

  • Provencal villas : these properties have large dimensions, walls whitewashed or painted in ochre colours and tiled almost flat roofs. They often come with several outbuildings and a swimming-pool. From these Provencal properties, people can often enjoy a great panorama over the surrounding area.

  • Mansions: you will also find in Carpentras some 17th and 18th centuries private mansions. These properties have remarkable doors and balconies which have been restored in a traditional Provencal style.

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