Franche Comte Chateaux and Castles

The Franche Comte region boasts a prestigious past with many historic buidings across all four departments. There are many Chateaux as well as Abbeys and fortified dwellings. Here is a selection of the best chateaux and historic buildings to visit.

  • Besancon Citadel Definitely a must-see. It occupies a dominant position above the Doubs river valley. This stunning fortress has been a place of struggle and fighting throughout its history. It was created by Vauban, a famous architect that gave France a number of impressive fortified cities. It is still perfectly maintained and can be visited. It also hosts other museums. It is both a tourist and cultural attraction. It is registered in UNESCO world heritage list since July 2008.

  • Montbéliard It is often called "City of Princes". Born of the marriage between an heiress from Comté and a young prince of the Württemberg empire it retained the charm of a lovely city of the Württemberg Empire. Stone-built market places, 17th century churches, Renaissance townhouses and small houses, all with bright colours like lavender, lilac... This imperial city is stunning.

  • The Peugeot Museum The Peugeot Museum explores the history of the famous brand with the "roaring lion". From old cars from the beginning of the last century to futuristic prototypes, racing cars, you can see all things Peugeot here. The museum is foremost targeting young people.

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