Lorraine Farmhouses Architecture

The typical Lorraine house style is not only the half-timbering one but also the Lorraine farmhouse. These properties are massive, with steeply pitched red tiles roofs and many of them are former farmhouses.

Many of these traditional farmhouse properties can be seen in the typical Lorraine village called village-rue. These French villages are made up of houses all built in a row along the "high street", being the only street in the village (see image below). The traditional properties built in village-rues villages are called ferme-bloc, referring to a massive stone house where you can both live, work as a farmer and store things, machines or breed animals. Calcareous stones are used to build walls that are then whitewashed.
The tavaillons (wood frames) are numerous on the south western side of the house. Wooden tiles can be seen on the roof as well as the roof structure, being made of wood only. Sometimes an oven comes with the house. A barn as well as a cellar are a common sight too in the Lorraine traditional architecture.

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