Poitou-Charentes Chateaux and Castles

The French region of Poitou Charentes is rich in old medieval castles. They make this region very interesting to visit for history lovers.

Here is a selection of the most important castles of the region:

  • Crazannes: built at the end of the 14th century, this amazing castle has been referenced as ancient monument for its brilliant condition. It still has an amazing gothic façade displaying different mythical characters.
  • Bressuire: this 10th century castle is located on a vast plateau. The site was probably occupied by the Celts before becoming a major military turnpoint for the battles against English ivasions during Middle Ages.
  • Coudray Salbart: this exceptional castle was really refined for its time with high round almand shaped towers. Used by the Plantagenet family, we can still see the different rooms and their defences.
  • Saint Mesmin: this small but impressive castle was built in the 14th century and had an extra donjon-like tower added in the 15th century. This castle still shows all the architectural qualities of this time.
  • Tennessus: this military marvel is a small castle. And yet, despite its size it was able to resist some major battles during the medieval ages and the religious wars. Indeed its architecture is perfect for a defensive turnpoint.

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