Poitou Charentes Manor Houses

The Poitou-Charentes region has many manor houses, being often stone refined houses. They are generally wonderful, being large properties coming with a nice garden and a range of outbuildings.

Manoirs do therefore excellent family houses or holiday homes, due to the region's easy access. They are of massive dimensions, made of stone, and generally come with a nice front gate.


In this French region, buying a manor house is a particularly interesting investment since prices are increasing.

Manor houses are rectangular-shaped properties, made of stone, with a gently sloping, red tiled roof and often have several chimneys. These Poitou charentes properties often have a self-contained cottage attached to the house.


Other features of these houses can be old machines like a bread oven for example, often in a working condition. The courtyard is often walled all along the land.

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