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Healthcare Services in France
1. Overview
2. Registration
3. Couverture Maladie Universelle (CMU)
4. Voluntary Health Insurance
5. Health Card (Carte Vitale)
6. Family Doctor (Medecin Traitent)
7. Non-Reimbursable Charges
8. Long term / Major Illness
9. Receiving Treatment
10. Dental Treatment
11. Opticians & Opthalmic Treatment
12. Breast Screening
13. Complaints System
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French Health Care

2. Health Insurance in France

  1. 2.1. S1 Form Certificates of Entitlement
  2. 2.2. Health Cover for Self-Employed
  3. 2.3. Health Cover for Cross Border Workers
  4. 2.4. Health Cover for Retired Persons
  5. 2.5. Health Cover for Early Retirees
  6. 2.6. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  7. 2.7. Travelling Abroad from France

2.1. S1 Form Health Insurance Cover in France

Certificates of Entitlement

If you are proposing to relocate to France, for those living within a country in the EEA (European Economic Area) a certificate of health entitlement is in place to assist with free movement around the EEA.

These certificates of entitlement have been known as 'E' forms, but in May 2010 they were replaced by 'S' forms.

There are also 'A' forms covering cross-border workers and 'U' forms covering unemployed persons, sometimes used in conjunction with an 'S' form.

An S1 Form is also often issued to someone whose family relocates to France whilst they continue working in the UK or other EU country.

The Form 'S1' (formerly E106/E121) is a certificate of entitlement to health care in another EEA country, provided via the social security authority in your home country.

The form means that you will get access to health care in France on the same terms as French nationals, except that you will not need to pay French social security health contributions for the duration of the S1.

The precise rules of eligibility of the S1 differ between countries within the EEA. This guide is written primarily for those arriving from the UK.

Since July 2014 early retirees to France from the UK no longer have an entitlement to an S1.

For those who reach the age of retirement, and in receipt of a State Pension from their home country, S1 cover remains available on a permanent basis.

If you are coming from the UK the Form S1 is supplied by the Department for Work and Pensions, Pension Service, International Pension Centre, Tyneview Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE98 1BA. Telephone: 0191 21 87777.

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