8. Terms of Contrat de construction de maison individuelle (CCMI)

  1. Cooling Off Period
  2. Specification of Works
  3. Contract Price
  4. Stage Payments
  5. Works Programme
  6. Contract Guarantees
  7. Sub-Contracting

8.3. Contract Price in French Building Contract (CCMI)

The CCMI can be either a fixed or variable priced contract. It is a matter for negotiation between you and your builder.

Normally, a fixed price is agreed, so the client can rely on delivery at an agreed price.

The price clause in the CCMI is tougher on the builder in relation to a contract where they also supply the plans. The price in the contract is stated to be ‘firm and definitive’, although there is normally a clause allowing some variation in line with the construction price index. It is a point for negotiation.

Clearly, if there are items that cannot be finalised there will be need to be specific provision for determination of a price. Thus, you may not yet have made a final decision on fittings, which will need to be given a provisional price within the contract.

If the price clause is variable, then the index of construction costs is used for price revision, and there are strict limits on how the revision clause can be applied.

In the absence of a revision clause, or items that are subject to a provisional sum, the builder has no right to increase the price, other than through a change in specification by the clients.

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