8. Terms of Contrat de construction de maison individuelle (CCMI)

  1. Cooling Off Period
  2. Specification of Works
  3. Contract Price
  4. Stage Payments
  5. Works Programme
  6. Contract Guarantees
  7. Sub-Contracting

8.7. Sub-Contracting Building in France - CCMI Contract

The main contractor is permitted to sub-contract elements of the build, but the law provides that the sub-contracts must be in writing, and meet minimum requirements of the main CCMI contract.

Nevertheless, there has been concern for sometime that sub-contractors in a CCMI are not adequately regulated and suffer from delays in payment from the main contractor. The problems that can then arise between main and sub-contractors have often been to the detriment of the client.

In order to ensure that these problems are kept to a minimum, the Goverment and trade organisations have recently introduced a model standard contract for use between the main contractor and their sub-contractors, called the Contrat de sous-traitance dans le secteur de la maison individuelle.

You would be well advised to ensure that the main contractor uses this contract.

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