6. Making a Planning Application in France

  1. Who Decides?
  2. Getting Planning Advice
  3. Submitting the Planning Application
  4. Procedural Timescales
  5. Public Notice Requirements
  6. Extension of Planning Consent

6.6. Extension of Planning Consent

If you are granted planning consent you are obliged to start work on site within two years of the decision. You are also then obliged to proceed in a reasonably regular manner, or risk having the consent rescinded.

However, if you are not able to start within two years planning consent can be extended for a further year, provided the application is made at least two months before the expiry of the existing consent.

If you need an additional year before you can make a start then you should write a letter to the mairie, sent by recorded delivery (two copies). If there is no response within two months then permission is considered to have been tacitly agreed for a further year.

If works are started on site within the two-year period but then cease for a period of at least a year, then the planning permission is deemed to have been rescinded.

Any recommencement of works must have been ‘significant’ for it to be considered valid.

As a general rule, the planning authorities take a relaxed attitude to slow progress, but this may not always be the case with neighbours if they oppose the development. If they make a formal complaint about any lack of progress, the mayor or préfecture may be forced to act.

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