3. Local Plans in France

  1. Overview of Local Plans
  2. Plan Local d’Urbanisme
  3. Carte Communale
  4. Risk Prevention Plans
  5. Conservation Areas

3.1. Overview of Local Land Planning in France

Responsibility for the preparation of a local plan lies with the commune under the direction of the mayor.

Until 2000 the local plans were called Plan d’Occupation des Sols (POS), but since this time they have been replaced by the Plan Local d’Urbanisme (PLU).

The main aim of the change was to simplify the whole process and to reduce the complexity of the local plan.

Nevertheless, the preparation of a PLU remains a significant task, and in smaller rural communes you may well find that no such plan exists.

Accordingly, the government has agreed that smaller rural communes can prepare a Carte Communale although, once again, you may still find that no such plan has been yet been prepared!

Increasingly, the smaller local councils have got together to produce a local plan (PLU) on an inter-communal basis.

The are also new risk prevention plans being introduced, called Plan de Prévention des Risques (PRR), which are becoming very powerful documents.

If you have the chance to read your local plan you should try and do so. Not only does it set out the planning framework for the area but it is also a useful source of information about the local economy, demography and environment.

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