4. Elderly/Disabled Home Adaptations in France

The following idance is a summary of the complete guide given in our article in France Insider at Home Adaptation Grants in France for Elderly and Disabled.

There are two main forms of assistance, either a tax credit or a grant, although they effectively amount to the same thing.

4.1. Tax Credit

Home adaptations for the elderly and handicapped are eligible for a tax credit.

A 'tax credit' is a payment to you by the tax authority, even though you may pay little or no income tax.

The list of eligible equipment and adaptations include, bathroom and kitchen fittings, lifts, and alarm systems.

Most works are eligible for a tax credit at rate of 25%, with the exception of lifts, where the rate is 15%.

The maximum credit available is €5000 for a single person and €10,000 for a couple.

4.2. Grants

You may also be entitled to means-tested grant assistance towards adaptation works, which are provided through the French national housing agency, ANAH. In 2022 the grant was newly baptised as 'Ma Prime Adapt'.

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