6. Mortgages in France for Home Improvement

Whether your French property is your main or second home you should consider a French mortgage for home improvement.

The rates of interest on French mortgages are lower than those in the UK, although there is compulsory life insurance.

Far better, if you can, to buy the property in the first place using a mortgage, as you will only have one set of legal costs.

If you become resident in France then you may be able to gain access to a government subsidised mortgage.

Whilst the amount that can be borrowed on these subsidised mortgages is limited, they offer a cheap funding source for house renovation.

The mortgages are offered through all the main French mortgage lenders.

Needless to say, in all cases there are rules of eligibility. In most cases there is an upper income limit, but the thresholds are not ungenerous.

If you work in the private sector in France you could also be eligible for mortgage obtained through your employer.

You can read more about mortgages in our comprehensive consideration of review at French Mortgages.

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