8. Bank Loans in France

  1. Rules of Eligibility
  2. Rates and Charges
  3. Types of Loans
  4. Annual Percentage Rate
  5. Debt Problems

8.5. Debt Problems

If you are unable to meet your debt commitments then you can seek assistance from the Commission départementale de surendettement who will act on your behalf in discussions with the lender(s). The Commission is part of the Bank of France.

If necessary they will take court proceedings to seek relief from payments or stop other legal action by the lender. At a minimum, they will try and agree a repayment plan with the lender. They may also order a reduction in the rate of interest payable, or a moratorium on repayments.

There is a Commission in each département of the country, details of which you can obtain from your Préfecture.

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