13. Repayment Difficulties with your French Mortgage

If you get into difficulties with your mortgage repayments then most lenders will normally be prepared to negotiate a repayment plan with you.

Indeed, in the event of a catastrophic event in the family (death, loss of job) they are obliged by law to do so.

If the situation is serious and you face possible bankruptcy then you can seek assistance from the Commission départementale de surendettement who will act on your behalf in discussions with the lender.

This body is part of the Bank of France.

If necessary, they will take court proceedings to seek relief from payments, or stop any action by the lender to seek legal possession of the property.

They may also insist on you selling the property, but only if you have other suitable accommodation to which you could relocate, or purchase.

There is a Commission in each county of the country, details of which you can obtain from your préfecture.

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