12. French Mortgages for Residents of Paris

  1. Purpose of Loan
  2. Maximum Amount of Loan
  3. Eligible applicants
  4. Income Thresholds
  5. Application

12.1. Purpose of Loan

The Prêt Paris logement 0% is an interest free loan from the Paris City Council towards the purchase of a main residence in the city.

Some other large cities in France also offer a similar interest free loan, about which you would need to make enquiries to the mairie.

12.2. Maximum Amount of Loan

The maximum amount of the loan is €24,200 for a single person and €39,600 for two or more persons (2023). The repayment period is 15 years.

This loan can be used in conjunction with the national interest free mortgage, outlined in section 7.2.

12.3. Eligible applicants

The following persons are eligible, on a means tested basis.

  • Households who currently have their main home in the city, and have done so for at least a year at the time of their application, not having ownership of a property during at least the last two years;
  • Disabled persons buying an adapted property. The requirement to have lived in Paris for the past year does not apply, although applicants must not previously have been a home-owner over the past three years.
  • Police officers, firemen or those working in a hospital. Once again, there is no requirement to have had their main home in Paris for the past year, although applicants must not previously have been a home-owner over the past three years.
  • Those who have no more than a 10% deposit towards the purchase of their home.

12.4. Income Thresholds

There are also upper income limits for eligibility, although these are quite generous.

As is normally the case it is important to note that the definition of ‘income’ for the purposes of this loan is the revenue fiscal de reference on the income tax notice from the tax authority. This is your net income after deductions and allowances.

12.5. Application

Visit a bank, most of whom have signed a partnership agreement with the Council.

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