12. Gift Tax in France

  1. Definition of a 'Gift'
  2. Liability to Gift Tax
  3. Rates of French Gift Tax
  4. Gifts of Real Estate
  5. Gifts & Inheritance Tax
  6. Procedures for Making Gifts

12.3. Rates of French Gift Tax

If the value of the gift is larger than the allowances that are available then a liability arises for gifts tax on the value over the allowance.

The rate of taxation applicable depends on the type of gift, and the relationship to the donee.

The taxable amount is the sum applicable after deductions of the permitted allowance.

In addition, the tax is applied on a 'sliced' basis so that each slice of the total sum is taxed at a different rate.

The 2022/23 rates are as follows:

i. Gifts Between Parents and Children

Taxable Amount Rate of Tax
Less than €8,072 5%
€8,072 - €12,109 10%
€12,109 - €15,932 15%
€15,932 - €552,324 20%
€552,324 - €902,838 30%
€902,838 - €1,805,677 40%
More than €1,805,677 45%

ii. Gifts Between a Married Couple/Civil Partners

Taxable Amount Rate of Tax
Less than €8,072 5%
€8072 - €15,932 10%
€15,932 - €31,865 15%
€31,865 - €552,324 20%
€552,324 - €902,838 30%
€902,838 - €1,805,677 40%
More than €1,805,677 45%

iii. Gifts Between Brothers and Sisters

Taxable Amount Rate of Tax
Up To €24,430 35%
Greater than €24,430 45%

Others family members are taxed at the rate of 55% and those outside the family at the rate of 60%.

There may also be notaire fees payable, as we set out later in section 6.

If the gift is over €15,000 and it is declared to the authorities then you can by option, defer the payment of any gift tax until the death of the donor, when it would then be paid as part of the inheritance.

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