14. French School Education Grants

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  2. Collège Grant
  3. Lycée Grants
  4. School Social Grants
  5. Local Council Grants

14.2. French Collège Grant - Bourse de Collège

The lower secondary school grant is called bourse de collège.

14.2.1. Qualifying Rules

This is a means tested grant available to children attending lower secondary school.

Eligibility is subject to a test of resources and the number of dependant children or adults in the household.

The test of resources is far less generous than the Allocation Rentrée Scolaire.

The maximum net income to qualify (2021/22) is €15,757 if you have one child, €19,440 for two children, €23,085 for three children, and so on.

The reference period for assessing income for the academic year 2021/22 it is your net income in 2020, as advised on your tax notice for 2021.

Where your financial circumstances may have changed permanently and significantly since this time, your later circumstances can be taken into consideration.

Your 'net income' is defined as your revenu fiscal de référence.

If you have yet to make a tax return then you will need to produce details of your income, including latest tax return from your home country.

14.2.2. Cash Benefit

The level of the grant is very meagre and at three different levels, depending on resources - either €140, €392, or €612 per year, paid quarterly (2021/22).

However, beyond the minimum grant, the test of resources is very tough, so very few households qualify for more than the lowest amount.

Nevertheless, if you meet the income criteria you can claim several grants.

Payment is made in four equal parts during the year by the collège.

14.2.3. Application Procedure

Application needs to be made to the collège each year.

You can download the application form at Application for Bourse de Collège.

You will need to submit your income tax notification as proof of income and also supply a bank paying in slip called a relevé d'identité bancaire.

If you do not think you are eligible on the basis of your income in the reference period, but that your circumstances have changed permanently and substantially since this date, then you should still make enquiries to about your eligibility to the collège.

In the case of private schools, payment is made by l’Inspection d’académie.

14.2.4. Boarders

If you are boarding your child you may be entitled to a Prime à l'internat, ranging from €258 to €297 per year, depending on income.

The grant is made available on an automatic basis.

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