6. Nursery School in France - Ecole Maternelle

  1. Class Structure
  2. Enrolment
  3. Curriculum

6.2. Enrolment

Nursery schools are often attached to the local primary school, or several communes may act together to ensure the provision of a separate local nursery.

Children are required to attend school with their geographical catchment area.

If you wish to send your child to a school outside the area it is possible to do so if there are reasonable grounds, but the approval of the mayor is required.

Outside of the catchment area the permission of the receiving mayor is also required.

Enrolment itself is carried out through the local mairie and then to the school.

The process is known as Inscription à l'école maternelle.

Normally enrolment should take place no later than June preceding the start of the school term, although, once enrolled, you do not need to renew each year.

You will be required to produce a range of documents. These include the child’s birth certificate, vaccination certificate and medical report from a French doctor, evidence of residence, such as electricity, telephone bills. If available you should also bring the child’s passport and former school records.

The triple vacine Diphtheria-Tetanus-Polio (DTP) is compulsory, so visit your local French doctor or child clinic (Protection Maternelle Infantile (PMI) to discuss with them.

When you relocate to France bring confirmation from your doctor of the vaccinations you child has had.

The mairie will provide you with a registration certificate, which you should then present to the school, together with the documents already presented to the mairie.

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