View property for sale at auction in France

3. Advertising of Property Auctions in France

There is no single, comprehensive source of information about forthcoming auctions and so you will need to use various websites.

Probably the leading source of information can be found on at Encheres-Publiques.

The site advertises both voluntary and judicial auctions.

Other good sites are:

The Chambre de Notaires at Paris have their own site for advertising auctions where it is possible to obtain a 360° tour of some properties for sale. Their site can be found at Immonotaireencheres.

Most of these sites offer you the opportunity to sign up for e-mail alerts for news on auctions.

Auctions are also advertised in the legal columns of the national and regional press and these are likely to also be fruitful source of information.

The law also requires that notice of an auction is posted on the property itself and you will also find them on the notice boards outside local mairie or the local Tribunal de Grande Instance.

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